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Trusting Jesus

My parents and I decided to go to church this evening to avoid a potential snow storm. My dad drove and mom always gets the front passenger seat, so I was in the back. Typically, I like to drive. First of all, I really enjoy it. And probably like most people, I feel more of […]

New Church Experience

Tonight I decided to go to an evening of prayer and supper at the church. My parents were not up to going out in the frigid weather, so I went by myself. I have not been going to this church a very long and have not participated in anything outside of Sunday Mass, so I realized […]

Unity In Prayer

A few years ago, a very faith-filled friend of mine felt pulled to create a small prayer group. For almost a year before that I had been continually praying for a group of women to pray and meet with on a regular basis. So when she called to ask what I thought about her idea, […]

Worship With Music

Today my dad found an old cassette tape that my brother was looking for. It was a recording of my brother many years ago when he performed with a music group called the “Revelation Generation”. The group was made up mostly of Christian young adults and the focus was to stand up for Christianity and […]

Praying the Day

This morning I read my daily devotion that continued on the theme of happiness. It was a quote: “You pray, you love—that is the happiness of man upon the earth.” ST. JEAN MARIE BAPTIST VIANNEY, THE CURE OF ARS Quite honestly, my prayer life has been lacking. I don’t like feeling far away from God and […]

Happy Children

Today the schools were closed due to a snow storm that we had. As the day progressed, the snow stopped falling and the sun came out. So did the kids. First I saw several of them helping to shovel their driveways. There were many children sledding down the hill at the school not too far […]

Get Prepared and Equipped

My parents and I had planned to go to church yesterday evening, but the storm that blew in changed that. So, despite the frigid cold and snow which shut down most of the Sunday activities, I made my way to church this morning. I knew I needed to be there and was so glad I went. […]

Unexpected Prayer Request

This morning I thought of many of my friends living in another state who would be attending a funeral. So I sent out some texts to let them know I was praying for them. I received a text back from someone unexpected who was not part of the group. Evidently I sent her a text […]

Rewarded Persistence

A few weeks back, my sister and her husband literally “bought the farm”. They purchased a house complete with a barn and corral on a piece of land. It was a “fixer-upper” and they have been working diligently on getting it move in ready. They spent each weekend and some evenings after work scraping, painting, […]

Together For Eternity

My aunt’s burial was today. My parents were physically unable to make a trip out of state, so they have been staying in contact with the family there. A few years ago my uncle passed away. Ironically, he and my father went to the hospital at the same time – many states apart. My father had […]