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Homeless Helper

There is so much chaos and disturbing¬†stories in the media, sometimes I feel I want to just lock myself in the house. Or it can make me feel hopeless and/or depressed. I can also see the big problems and wonder how I can make any difference at all – the issues seem overwhelming. Today I […]

Faith Filled Messages

Recently, I felt like I should be giving my faith a little kick and commit to digging deeper in some way. In the past couple of days, I have received several unexpected emails from¬†friends I have not seen in a while. It was an eclectic group ¬†– a priest, former employer, spiritual mentor, and a […]

Turning 85

Today is my dad’s 85th birthday. He always talks about when he was younger, he never thought he would live to be this age. At that time, not very many people did. At the same time, he says his goal is to live to 100. It was a great day to celebrate him. I made […]

Angel Food

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. His favorite cake is my mom’s homemade angel food cake. Now, this is a tricky cake to make and I have never even attempted it. It is especially challenging in the climate and altitude here. But – I was up for the challenge and knew my mom could walk me […]

Good Shepherd

This morning at breakfast, my mom read a meditation from a book we received at church. It was about those who live their lives fully for God. We talked about the different “orders” in the Catholic faith. They follow a different focus, different lifestyles, and different ways of acting out their faith. Yet, they all […]

Typewriter Artist

Today I saw a video that has been around for a year already, but this is the first time I have watched it. It is about Paul Smith, a man who has cerebral palsy. He also has an incredible gift – he is a “typewriter artist”. He uses only 10 keys on a typewriter and […]

Good News Friday

Today I was inundated with good news from immediate and extended family. There is a potential house purchase that is progressing, much needed job opportunity, successful cancer surgery, recovery from a severe health issue, prom night, my grandson made a long awaited hit in his opening baseball game, and to top it off I found […]