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Went With the Lord

Today my parents were remembering their beloved music teacher when they were young. They attended a Catholic school and the teacher was a nun. She was basically responsible for nurturing, encouraging, and improving my mother’s natural musical talent, as well as many others who crossed her path. My mom said when the woman passed away, […]

Six Words

During the Mass that we watched today, we heard a woman talk about her experience when she participated in “Alpha”, which is a way of bringing people together to talk about their Christian faith. She had an amazing story of how the group was exactly what she needed at that exact time. She was happy […]

Better Back

My mom had a tremendously painful back this past week. We thought it was from over-stretching and/or exercising. But, it got so bad she could barely move or sleep. So I took her to the doctor yesterday. He ordered some x-rays to make sure there was nothing else going on and gave her a prescription […]

All Are Suffering

We all suffer. It’s something we can’t get away from. Right now, people are suffering with an illness, maybe with the COVID-19 virus. People are mourning the death of a loved one. Others have lost their job or had their hours drastically reduced and trying to figure out how to pay rent and keep food […]

Evening Walk

As the sun set tonight, I realized the mail had not been picked up. It is 1/2 mile to where the mailboxes are posted and back, so I decided to go for a little walk. The dry, summer air had cooled and it was a very pleasant temperature. The smoke that has been lingering and […]

Double Good News

Today my dad had a virtual appointment with his cancer doctor to review the CT scan he had last week. She said that small mass that was found on his pancreas has not changed at all since the last scan – or even since it was discovered a year and a half ago. She suggested […]

Playground Joy

As I was out running an errand today, I drove by the elementary school near the house. There were lots of children playing outside in the big playground they use for a ball field. Many of them had the large round playground balls that they were throwing around. It has been months since I have […]

Selfless Care Provider

A family friend who worked in home health care has offered many times to help our family if needed. We met with her today to talk about giving me a couple days respite. I knew most of her background, but she went into more detail today outlining her qualifications and experience. She and her family […]

Don’t Crowd

I saw a quote today from Matthew Kelly that I really liked, “We crowd God out of our lives by filling our lives with things that don’t matter. Remove the things that don’t matter to make space for God in your life- in your heart, mind, and soul.” I thought it was particularly relevant right […]

A Smell

“I smell something!” The words were loud and excited coming from my mother’s mouth. Followed by, “I haven’t smelled anything for 20 years!” Losing her sense of smell was one of the first symptoms she experienced as Parkinson’s started rearing it’s ugly head. I asked if it was a good smell or a bad one. […]