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Mom’s Gratefulness

The pandemic has kept my mom’s friend from visiting, but she came over today for the first time in months. They played the pianos together which my mother has really missed. We visited and got take out from our favorite lunch place we used to frequent. When I asked my mom how she found God […]

Blessing of a Friend

I was surprised today to receive a card in the mail from a friend. It was just a note of encouragement and included a story and scripture about friendship. She wrote, “Just wanted you to know what a blessing you are!” That was an incredible blessing to me. I Found God today in the blessing […]

Necessary Participation

Today for Mass, we watched our favorite priest who I used to work for. His words were relevant and powerful as usual – which is why we keep tuning in. The Gospel today was the familiar story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, feeding over 5000 people. The priest brought out several meaningful […]

Labyrinth Goal

Last year I took an overnight retreat at a monastery located not too far from home tucked away in the woods. When I left, they said I was welcome to come any time to visit or walk the grounds. I had some time to myself today and decided to go there. A few months back […]