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Adorable Compliment

My parents and I decided to go to church this afternoon. We sat in the same place as usual. We saw the same people around us as we usually do when we go at that time. At the beginning of Mass, everyone is invited to introduce themselves and say hello to those around them. I […]

Offering Comfort

This morning my mom remembered a dream that she had last night. She dreamed that there were other people sharing her and my dad’s bed. It reminded us of when my siblings and I were children and would climb into their bed in the middle of the night when we didn’t feel good or were […]

New Birthday Friend

Today is my dad’s 86th birthday. For a gift, my mom wanted to get him some kind of new electronic device. I remembered that at Christmas time, he saw the Star Wars BB8 droid in a catalog and said how fun that would be to have. My siblings and I did a little research and […]

Fear to Mercy

This morning my mom read a paragraph about the peace that is felt when people go to the Sacrament of Confession. It reminded me of the story the priest told at church this past Sunday. The deacon that the priest invited to celebrate Mass with him this week worked in prison ministry. The priest said […]


My travelling brother spent some time in Washington DC and did some sight-seeing. I looked at his pictures today. When he was at the World War II memorial, there was a ceremony going on to honor some of the veterans themselves. The picture shows about 90 men, half of them in wheelchairs, lined up for […]

Beneficial Laughter

My mom is always reading magazines and articles about health and well being. And most of the time she reads out loud to help her keep her voice strong and to share with my dad and I. Today she read about how laughing can increase the immune cells and antibodies in your system. It was […]

Prison Ministry

Today at church a deacon who worked in prison ministry spoke to the congregation. He started by pointing out the stained glass windows around the church. They each had the name of someone or a group of people who donated monetarily to have the window installed. That happened over 100 years ago. The deacon reminded […]

Windy Weather

I was awake unexpectedly early this morning and thought about going out to see if I could find any meteors from the shower that is happening right now. But then I heard the wind. I don’t like the wind at all. But I do like the sound of the trees blowing. So, I laid there […]

Beautiful Earth Day

My parents and I made our way up to the mountains today. It was such a gorgeous day. On the way we stopped for lunch at a place where we could watch the water rushing down a stream. We always enjoy searching for wildlife along the way and were happy that we got to see […]

Continued Progress

My mom and I went out shopping today. This does not happen very often and I was glad she was able to go. We got one of those motorized carts for her to drive around. It has been a few months since last time she used one, but she remembered how to work it. As […]