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Offering Comfort

This morning my mom remembered a dream that she had last night. She dreamed that there were other people sharing her and my dad’s bed. It reminded us of when my siblings and I were children and would climb into their bed in the middle of the night when we didn’t feel good or were scared. Kids know where to go when they need to be comforted and reassured. I remember doing this myself and my own kids doing the same thing. My mom said she has had this dream several times with different people in them. Last night it was my brother who hasn’t been feeling great, and her brother who continues to suffer with his health. It seems that the people she dreams about are struggling with one thing or another. She is worried about them. If I were to interpret this, I would say that there are people on her mind who are going to her for comfort. Although she cannot be there for them in the way that a mother embraces her child in the middle of the night, she can offer consolation just by thinking of them, talking with them, and praying for them.

I Found God today knowing that there are ways we can help to lift people up, even when we can’t be with them physically.

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