Responsible for Souls

Today I read a story from a beautiful friend of mine who teaches in a Catholic school. I am sharing it here for you. “This is what real love looks like.. About a week and a half ago I received a message from a friend asking for prayer. This happens often and I am most […]

Family Bond

My mom and dad told me all about how my brother took charge of things while I was away and the things my sisters did when they were here as well. I thought of the words I wrote yesterday. My siblings and I have the unbreakable bond of being family. While that counts for something, […]

Back to Lifestyle

I spent the past week visiting many people and spending time with my far away family. For some reason, I was very aware of all the different lifestyles. There were newlyweds, single people living on their own, young couples with babies, parents helping their kids with their kids, parents helping their parents, those flourishing in […]

Friends Lift Spirits

A friend of mine returned from travelling and I talked with her today. The main reason for going was to see an ailing friend. But, she talked to her friend’s husband who said he wasn’t sure she would be up for a visit. So, my friend was surprised when she arrived and her friend greeted […]

Just Help

As I skimmed through my email this morning, I came across a short video and a written meditation, both focusing on the theme for today’s Gospel about the rich man who did not care about the poor man at his doorstep. They also both held the same message- help those around you. There are so […]

Connected by Rosary

This morning a post I wrote 6 years ago popped up on my phone. It was about meeting two friends of mine to pray the rosary, even though I would have rather slept in that morning. I have moved to another state since then. I really miss the prayer time and the faithful friendship of […]

Oldest Family Birthday

Yesterday, my dad’s cousin celebrated his 95th birthday. My dad did some research and found that his cousin was the longest living person in the family for at least a couple hundred years – as far back as my dad has been able to investigate. We sent some cards and my dad included a note […]