Not Alone

Today I finished reading Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ” for my Bible class. It ended predictably with the Ascension. Sheen talked about Christ’s glorified Body that He promised would continue on, which is the Church. Of course, I had heard this before and it had made sense. However, when I read Fulton Sheen’s words of […]

What Is Prayer

After watching the movie yesterday, I spent some time reading the article that was written about Mr. Rogers in Esquire magazine by the real life author, Tom Junod. I also read a recent interview with Tom Junod regarding the movie and his relationship with Fred Rogers. During the interview, the topic of prayer came up. […]

Mr. Rogers

My mom has been wanting to see the new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, and today we were able to make it happen. The movie itself was – in my opinion – very well done. It has been a long time since I have seen such a positive story of loving kindness. Without […]

Virtually Together

This Christmas was a little smaller and quieter than those in the past few years. One of my brothers’ was staying in a warmer location and the other one was sick and didn’t come here as he usually does. My nephew and his girlfriend were also unable to be here on this day. So, we […]

Do Your Part

Tonight in Bible class, the teacher told a great story that shows how God is present right here and now. The other day she was working on her computer and a friend came to mind. She felt she should send her a note, but she felt she didn’t have time and tried to talk herself […]

Many Lady's

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. My parents and I got out our prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes that we try to say every night and we talked about the different devotions there are to different “Lady’s”, yet all being the same Mary the Mother of Jesus. As we prayed, it […]

An Explanation

This morning I heard from my friend who told me yesterday’s story. Today her niece had to have surgery. She came through it well and even went home this afternoon. The family was grateful that her mom and dad were able to be there to help take care of her. Her dad is the same […]