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Thanking Each One

My dad received about 25 cards from the neighbors living in their development. He was very touched by all the kind notes that were included and wanted to thank each person. So, he decided to write a thank you card to everyone. Today we took a walk around the circular complex and delivered the notes. […]

Our Lady Heals Again

I had been getting tired of wearing a bandage on my thumb and not being able to use it since I cut it so bad a few weeks ago. But, the doctor said it would take a long time to heal. I didn’t get a definition for exactly what “a long time” meant, so I […]

Dad’s 90

Today was my dad’s 90th birthday! As morning started, we were a bit concerned because he wasn’t feeling so well. But, after sleeping a little longer, he felt normal and was ready to start the day. We had decorated the place with balloons and a banner with his photo. One of the neighbors came over […]

Fresh Air

It was just a gorgeous day today. I took advantage of the weather and sat outside for quite a while to read the book of Ephesians for my Bible class. I enjoyed the time, the words of comfort and wisdom, and the fresh air. I Found God today enjoying the fresh air.

What Is Faith

Today’s Gospel reading was the story of two disciples who left the city of Jerusalem after the death of Jesus and were on their way to Emmaus. They had even heard that Jesus was raised from the dead and some of their friends had seen Him. But they lacked faith and were on their way […]

Phantom Sequel

My son and I were so excited to watch the Phantom of the Opera last week as part of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s YouTube series. Of course, he watched at his place and I watched from my home, and we discussed it the next day. Then we found that the sequel written by Andrew Lloyd Weber […]

Family Drive

Yesterday my mom said she was getting cabin fever and tired of being at home all the time. So, today my parents and I decided to go for a drive. We started by meandering through the foothills. We drove through the grounds of a church tucked back into the woods. The large property also included […]

Altered Face Mask

My dad was having trouble with the face mask that my wonderful friend made. The elastic bands that go over the ears were just tight enough to keep pulling out his hearing aids. So we decided to switch out the elastics for ties. We figured that would be an alteration we could accomplish. My mom […]

Truth and Love

In the craziness of this world, we are being bombarded with “information”. At this point it is difficult to sort out what is the truth, what we should believe, and how we are supposed to respond. Today I read a few simple lines from a very wise and holy man – Pope Saint John Paul […]

Checking In

A far away friend called today. She said I was on her mind, so she was just calling to hear my voice and check in. I was glad she did. She lives alone in a retirement apartment and I think about her and pray for her too. She said they are unable to do any […]