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Old Time Cousin

Last year we were visited by my dad’s first cousin once removed – he is the son of my dad’s immediate cousin. I received a surprise phone call today from his wife who had visited with him. While they were here, we talked about my blog and they have been following it. They read the […]

Soft Heart

I think in our world, it can be very easy to be suspicious of people and circumstances we encounter. It can be our tendency to be hard-hearted and protect ourselves. I saw a quote today that challenged me and gave me something to strive for, “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, […]

Dad’s Group

Last night, one of the neighbors called to remind and invite my dad to the monthly men’s group. So, this morning, my dad decided to go. When he returned, he told us of some the new guys he met. He explained how the meeting was run and that everyone there was friendly and respectful of […]

My Ninja Warrior

My mom has been striving to recover from her recent episode of diverticulitis. Today one of my parents’ friends from the cabin was getting the “old gang” together for lunch. We talked about going, but my mom was not sure how she was going to feel. This morning, she still wasn’t feeling great when she […]

Making Grandpa Proud

My dad is continuing his project of going through his old cassette tapes and putting them on his computer. Tonight we listened to my grandfather talk about his life. It took a bit of concentration to understand what he was saying through his thick German accent. He recounted his life on the farm as a […]

Jesus is My Coach

The priest gave an exceptionally engaging homily in church today. He started by talking about the “212 Principle”. He explained that at 211 degrees water is simply hot, but at 212 degrees, the water boils. Boiling water creates steam that can power a locomotive. He connected the principle with the the part of the Gospel […]

Annual State Fair

My sister, her husband, and I made our annual visit to the state fair today. In the past, we had gone the last weekend of the fair, but this time we went the first weekend. It was a quite different experience. We watched some of the 4H youth show their cows. After one boy brought […]

Introduction to Space

After my dad retired from the Air Force, he started teaching at the community college – mostly sciences. Being a meteorologist led to his love of space. He wanted to teach a course in the subject, but found a lack of resources. So, he compiled his research and wrote a college textbook. He met a […]

Gods Must Be Crazy

My dad was looking for a funny movie to watch tonight and came across, “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” I’m not sure I ever saw the whole movie until tonight. It was pretty silly. When it was over, we watched part of the special features and learned more about the star of the film. He […]

Not Much Has Changed

As my dad continued to listen to some audio tapes today, I heard them as well. One in particular was he and my mom speaking to my dad’s aunt some 40 years ago. They got talking about the state of the world and the end times. They discussed the church’s beliefs as to when Jesus […]