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Power Lifter

My son competed in a power lifting competition today. We watched his dog for the day and watched him compete via live stream. When it was my son’s turn, the commentator gave a little biography and goals for the meet and such as provided by my son. He even gave us a personal shout-out, which […]

Big Birthday Bash

Today we were able to get together with most of the family to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 91st birthday. We gathered at the house for a bit for snacks and gifts. My mom received a box of hand dipped and decorated cookies, a puzzle made with family photos, and a tumbler that my daughter-in-law made […]

Encouraging Prayers

A couple of months ago, I scheduled to have a Mass celebrated for my dad this morning on his birthday. Unfortunately, I was up with my  mom all night last night and didn’t make it to church. This morning, however, I received a text from a friend that she and her husband attended. I so […]

Don’t Fear For Your Kids

A friend of mine shared a reflection today that really touched my heart as I think about the future of my grandchildren. I will just share the full post here. JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES – Shellie-Sullivan Clark Don’t feel sorry for or fear for your kids because the world they are going to grow up in […]

Best of Both

My granddaughter joined the “Music Club” at her elementary school. They practiced their singing after school and had a concert this evening. Since the weather was decent, I walked over to the school pushing my mom in the wheelchair. We met my son and his family there who had a place for us to sit. […]

Perspective Lifter

The meditation for today in “Jesus Calling” was very interesting. The first sentence was, “Welcome problems as perspective-lifters.” The idea was that we so easily and happily live in the mundane and hum-drum of every day life, but we are made for more. As much as we balk at “problems” or anything that challenges our […]

Good Friends

My mom’s friend came over today and brought her a gift for her birthday. It was a statue of the Holy Family carved from wood from the Holy Land. She said she thought it was fitting since most of our family will be together to celebrate her birthday. She is such a good and thoughtful […]

Always With Us

Today’s Gospel reading was the story of the disciples who were walking to Emmaus. They were walking away from Jerusalem where Jesus had been crucified. Basically, they thought the story was over and they were leaving. However, they met a man along the way who gave them insight into the scriptures. They didn’t recognize him […]

Daughter Day

I was happy to be able to spend time with my daughter in law today. We went to a craft fair and perused the hand made items. There was a vendor there with the stick on nail polish that we had done before, so we got some fun designs and will have a manicure night […]

To the Cemetery

My mom has been wanting to get out to the cemetery for the past couple of days, but she hasn’t felt good and the weather has not cooperated. Today, it was chilly, but the wind was not blowing. Mom felt ok after lunch, so we decided to go. I bought her some flowers the other […]