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Best of Both

My granddaughter joined the “Music Club” at her elementary school. They practiced their singing after school and had a concert this evening. Since the weather was decent, I walked over to the school pushing my mom in the wheelchair. We met my son and his family there who had a place for us to sit. The man in front of us was pretty funny with my mom. At first, she was parked next to him as I got situated. He told her he thought I was trying to set them up. After we got settled, he asked her if he was in her way. She said no. He asked if she wanted him to move so he would be. It took a couple seconds, but my mom got the joke and laughed. It is good for her to get out. My granddaughter was all smiles as she sang. It was a cute, appropriate, short concert. There were occasional hand gestures, but one of the girls near my granddaughter was full of movement. She was quite fun to watch as well. After the concert, we talked with my granddaughter. My mom told her what a good job she did and asked if she liked to sing. She replied, “I LOVE to sing!” Then she showed us a picture that was on the wall that she made. It was a UFO. I asked why she chose a UFO. She said because she loves space. I think she’s got the best of my mom and my dad.

I Found God today in the talents of my granddaughter.

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