Real Super Woman

I heard an incredible story on the news today about a young woman who saved a life, passed a nursing exam, and gave birth all in the same day. Evidently, she was in pre-mature early labor, but was cleared to leave so she could take the exam she had been studying for over 2 years. […]

Promise of Peace

I read a meditation that showed up at exactly the right time. It quoted John 14:27 in this way, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” I left the book […]

Praying Baby

A young woman I know gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago. It was a time of joy and concern as she was ill which resulted in an earlier than anticipated birth. The baby was then hospitalized for a couple of days. Thankfully, things seem settled now. The new mom and her […]

Better by Night

I could see in my mother this morning that she wasn’t feeling well. She said she hurt all over, felt weak, and had an upset stomach. She has good days and bad days, but usually her bad days don’t include all of those symptoms. I was hoping it was nothing serious and after assessing the […]

My Blessed History

My dad has always been on the cutting edge of photography beginning when he was in high school. He also owned a movie camera at that time and started putting together movies as well. I remember watching some of them on an old reel to reel projector and portable screen. Many years ago, my brother […]

Reaching an Octave

My mom sat down to play the piano today, laid her fingers on the keyboard and exclaimed, “I can reach an octave!” We were just talking yesterday about how I am unable to do so and how my mother hasn’t been able to for years. Suddenly, for whatever reason, she was able to today. Her […]

Hats For Newborns

I was happy to be able to visit with a friend for a while today. She told me about a woman she knows who works in a pregnancy crisis center. My friend does terrific needlework and makes super cute hats. Her friend asked for a hat for a new little baby. My friend then discovered […]

Life is Not Mine

Over the past 3 days, my parents and I have been watching a parish retreat. The priest offered a different way of viewing sins – as wounds. Our wrongdoings certainly have an effect on us and on our souls. He led meditative prayer to ask God to heal those wounds. One thought that stuck with […]

Depth Perception

Tonight my prayer group talked about the upcoming Gospel for Sunday which is the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In the story, three of Jesus’ disciples witness Jesus in His glory. Then, they are overshadowed by a cloud – God – who tells them to listen to Jesus. In our discussion, we realized that […]

His Love Testimony

Most of the caregiver groups I participate in are comprised of wives taking care of their husbands. There is an occasional daughter caring for a parent and there are little to no men. Today I logged onto a new class I signed up for. One of the participants was a man caring for his wife. […]