Psalm 22 Connection

I worked on my Bible class homework tonight and loved getting a deeper understanding of the Psalms. In particular, Jesus quoted the first line of Psalm 22 when he was hanging on the cross. This would have led the people of the day to be reminded of the entire Psalm. It is basically an outline […]

Among the Pines

Today I was grateful to have a little time to myself. I spent a couple hours with my family. Then I went to one of my favorite parks, sat under a tree, and read some of the Psalms. I would take a break every now and again, listen to the breeze blow through the branches, […]

Cooking Together

My son was told he would be able to move into the rental house today, but the previous tenants have not been cooperating and were still in the house. It’s a very frustrating situation. So my son and his family spent much of the day with us, which I didn’t mind at all. I had […]

More Hugs

As I walked with my family to drop my granddaughter off for school this morning, I watched all the parents and kids saying good-bye and had a sudden realization that I do not get or give enough hugs. I decided I was going to change that. I gave my dad a big long hug when […]

Early Morning Peace

I had a short visit with my dad today as an employee had tested positive for COVID. The executive director called last night to inform us of the situation and that visitations would be limited. However, it was scheduled to have my dad’s pacemaker information to be downloaded and sent to the doctor. Because this […]

Into the Psalms

I was talking with my sister the other day about what an emotional roller coaster life seems to be at this point in time. This is something that I have been really struggling with during the past few months. I described it as a nightmare that I couldn’t seem to get out of. As much […]

Backpack Cat

As I went for a little walk this evening, I very much enjoyed the cool temperature and the view of the sunset behind the mountains. While I was taking in the scenery, a young girl came from the other direction on the other side of the street. When she passed, I thought I saw something […]

Story of Acceptance

I was happy to have a long conversation with a good friend today. She told me about many ways she has found God since the last time we talked. My favorite story happened during one of her camping trips. She and her people were camped on one side of a narrow part of a lake. […]


We have been trying to find a good time to visit with my dad while he is still getting settled into his new surroundings. It seems he has been getting up at night and wandering or rearranging his room. If we go to visit mid-morning, he’s fast asleep. If we go later in the afternoon, […]

Five Things

A good friend has been on the front of my mind the past couple of days. Today I reached out to her and told her I missed her. We chatted a bit and promised to get together. Later, I checked the mail and found I had received a card from her. It read, “Five Things […]