The Dementia Struggle

I read a friend’s post today and could empathize in my own situation. This is what she wrote: “My husband was diagnosed with Temporal frontal lobe dementia in in 2014. His progression has been gradual until this past year and now it is increasingly progressing. It is the saddest thing I have had to watch […]

Spring Again

After a couple days of cold and snow, it felt wonderful to get outside today. I was able to take a walk and enjoyed seeing the blooms and green popping up everywhere. And the air smelled amazing. It was very nice to just take a few moments and revel in the Spring environment. I Found […]

Simple Loving Gesture

I met with my prayer group on Zoom this evening. One of the ladies had her hair done today and it looked lovely. At one point during our discussion, her husband gently pulled back a piece of hair from her face. She looked at him and as their eyes met, they smiled. They have been […]

Funny Baby Photo

My mom is still very committed to attending her online exercise classes twice a week. They are in real time with some of the people she used to exercise with in person before the pandemic. The group is connected to the college and includes interns who are furthering their education in the medical field. After […]

Ever Available Presence

As I have been continuing to reflect on my experience at Mass yesterday, it struck me that I was blessed to encounter just a little bit of God’s overwhelming love. While I felt like I received an incredible gift – which I did – I am not extraordinary. God loves each person this intensely – […]

Reunited at Mass

What a beautiful Mother’s Day. I received well wishes and a surprise call from my grandson wishing me a happy mother’s day because I am “indirectly responsible for him being here.” My sister and I made a lovely brunch for us and our parents. We Zoomed with the family as usual. But the most amazing […]

Adventure Among Flowers

Usually on Mother’s Day weekend, my mom and I go to our favorite local garden shop to buy our summer flowers. Today my dad thought he would like to go as well. Luckily my sister was here, so we loaded up 2 parents and 2 walkers and headed out for another adventure. It was a […]

Adventure of a Day

Both my mom and dad had an appointment with their cardiologist this morning. After breakfast I loaded up two walkers and two parents and headed out for our adventure. We parked in the closest place we could find which was a handicapped spot near the entrance. Never the less, it was quite a long walk […]

Brother Blessing

My brother was here for a visit since the weekend and he headed home today. We were sad to see him go as it was such a joy to have him here. I had made him a “honey-do” list before he came, so he was super helpful doing some things around the house. But that […]

Music Masters

Today the piano tuner came back to do a little more work on the pianos. He started with the grand piano and took the keyboard right out. I had never seen such a thing. He set the keyboard on his table, filed the felt hammers, and gave me a little lesson on the inner workings […]