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Fun With Food

A couple weeks ago, a friend shared pictures of her family Hocus Pocus movie night with themed food to go along with the festivities. I realized that Halloween would be on a Monday and that my mom’s friend would be over, so decided to make them a Halloween lunch. I had fun looking at all […]

One Good Turn

I rarely go to the grocery on a Sunday night, but I did today. The place looked like a whirlwind went through it and there were many empty shelves. I went down one aisle and spied a woman climbing on the lower shelf to reach a large bag of Halloween candy pushed all the way […]

Another Adventure

It has been years since the wood burning stove has been used at the cabin, so I had appointment to meet the chimney sweep up there this morning. I was glad that mom decided to come too. It was a beautiful clear day and the mountains were stunning with a layer of the first snowfall […]

Little Saints

I talked with a friend tonight about, well, everything. We used to go camping many years ago with her neice who is now married and has children of her own. That in itself is kind of hard to believe. She told me that her niece’s children celebrated All Saints Day with their religious education classes. […]

Good Game

My mom’s sister lives too far away to visit with in person. But we are happy when we catch up by mail or email or phone. She reads this blog religiously, so that helps us stay connected as well. Today I received an email from her. She was thinking about what games we might be […]

Turning Around

My mom has enjoyed her home therapists and enjoyed the family time we have had. She has been feeling much better than she has recently. I think she has turned the corner on this latest bout. My son came over for a while this afternoon and we chatted. He is loving his new job. And […]

Another Pianist

Today another home health therapist came to visit mom and check on her swallowing. Mom can struggle chewing and swallowing, particularly meat. The therapist said everything is functioning pretty well and gave us some handy tips, such as eating several small meals during the day and stacking up the calories at meals when she is […]

Blessed Hands

My mom was frustrated today because she had a very hard time playing the piano. Not only that, the tune sounds off key to her. She is just unable to enjoy music the way she used to, but she keeps on trying. A part of me is angry that music has always been part of […]

Better Day

Today my mom felt better than she has in a couple of weeks. She made it to church. She had an appetite and ate well. She did her exercises. She even got out her needlepoint and worked on that for a long time, something she hasn’t done in years. As a bonus, my brother called. […]

Longest Uno

Last night my son’s went out to celebrate their birthdays together. So my grandchildren came over to our house for a game night. We tried to think of a game that we could all play from age 7 to 90. My mom suggested cards. I remembered we had Uno and the boys liked playing that. […]