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A Different Store

Amazingly, there was nothing on the calendar for today, so my mom decided she wanted to go shopping. She has been wanting to get some new sunglasses for quite some time now. As I thought about a place that would sell a decent product for less than the specialty store, I remembered I had seen […]

Celestial Memories

In my water aerobics class this morning, we talked about our earliest memory of celestial events. I remember when the first astronauts landed on the moon. That night, I looked up at the moon and thought, “There are people there!” It was an awesome realization. I told my parents about the conversation and my mom […]

Made Birthday Lunch

My mom and dad have had birthday lunches with a group of friends for years. One of the ladies was hospitalized not too long ago with pneumonia and went through rehab. And she was present at the birthday lunch get together today. It was good to see that she was recovered and doing well. I […]

Virtuous Friendship

Aristotle’s philosophy of friendship consisted of 3 kinds of relationships; Utility in which you are friendly to a person while they are fulfilling your need, Pleasure in which you are in a relationship as long as the other is giving you pleasure, and Virtue. The first two descriptions are a selfish kind of relationship. But […]

New Baby Chicks

My sister who lives on a farm got new baby chicks the other day, so my parents and I made a trip up there today. We remembered how fast the last batch of chicks grew and we really wanted to see them at this age. They were so cute and fuzzy and fun to watch. […]

Surprise Encouragement

Today I was surprised to receive a card in the mail from my aunt. The message inside included a quote from Philippians 4:19 “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need.” It was a beautiful, encouraging, thoughtful note that was much appreciated. I Found God today in a surprise encouraging […]

Do What You Can

A friend has been working for years taking courses while raising her 2 young men without her husband who tragically died too young. All the while she has worked at least one job. She just completed her final paper and will earn her degree in theology. Since I met her and learned her story, she […]