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A Different Store

Amazingly, there was nothing on the calendar for today, so my mom decided she wanted to go shopping. She has been wanting to get some new sunglasses for quite some time now. As I thought about a place that would sell a decent product for less than the specialty store, I remembered I had seen some at Bass Pro Shop. So, my mom and I headed there this morning. Bass Pro is a store for everything outdoors and it is definitely not for those who frown upon hunting. We walked through the giant doors and were welcomed by a giant fireplace with giant sofas and chairs in front. We were greeted by mounted wildlife of all kinds. My mom’s most frequent comment was, “This is a different place.” We found the sunglasses and made our way over. She tried on a couple of pairs and quickly found one that was perfect and had everything she was looking for. Before we left, we went to the back of the store to watch the fish in the giant fish tank. As we checked out, the young man who helped us was at least 7 feet tall. He fit right in with all the giant things in the store. In all, my mom had a “different” experience and got some needed sunglasses that she’s super happy with. I was glad I thought of it.

I Found God today in taking my mom on a different experience.

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