Surprise Wedding Party

I love the water aerobics class that I go to. It is a great workout. But also the people are super nice and thoughtful. One of the young lifeguards got married recently but did not have a big ceremony, or a shower, or a party of any kind. My aerobics instructor suggested having a party […]

Food Experiments

My sister and I have been talking about what delicious things we can make from her toffee. One of them was toffee popcorn. We tried several experiments using the toffee in different ways – melted, large pieces, tiny crumbs, baked, etc. Some were successful, most were not, but we had fun doing it. Later in […]

A Different Store

Amazingly, there was nothing on the calendar for today, so my mom decided she wanted to go shopping. She has been wanting to get some new sunglasses for quite some time now. As I thought about a place that would sell a decent product for less than the specialty store, I remembered I had seen […]

In the Beginning

As I have been going through my Bible course, I have been getting each book separately that include commentaries. I find them very helpful to explain things that don’t make a lot of sense to me thousands of years after they were written. A while ago, my mom picked up the book of Genesis, determined […]

A Meaningful Moment

Today I received a picture from a friend with her family. Her son had been trying to decide what career path to follow and specifically if he wanted to join a branch of the military. The picture showed him as a new airman straight out of boot camp. He looked great with a big smile. […]

Growing Friendship

I had a few hours to myself today and was amazed at the beautiful weather. So a friend and I went for a hike. She is a faithful Christian who I met through one of my mom’s Parkinson’s groups and has shared some beautiful caregiving inspirations with me. We¬†thanked God along the way for the […]

Parkinson’s New-comer

This morning, my mom and I went to the Parkinson’s Christmas party. We saw that one of the new-comers was a couple that we sit behind in church, so we went over and chatted with them for a while. We see them almost every week, but sometimes the husband who has Parkinson’s does not attend. […]