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And Exhale

Today was the day my dad had his pacemaker implanted. It was an early morning as we made our way to the hospital in the dark. My mom stayed at the house with my sister. My dad was one of the first to have a procedure done, along with 2 other men. They checked in […]


My dad will be having surgery tomorrow to have a pacemaker implanted. He scheduled it a couple of weeks ago when it was discovered that his heart rate was dropping periodically. He decided to wait until things settled a little – his broken thumb would be well into the healing process and my sister who […]

Made it Through

I woke up early this morning with the makings of a migraine. Today I was to take my sister to an important doctor appointment about an hour and a half away. She also needed to deliver some things to her son who is starting a new job. I knew if we did not get out there, […]

Affirming and Encouraging

Today I watched the final day of the coverage of Pope Francis in our country. I was very moved seeing him meet with some inmates in a prison. He told them that the path of life makes us dirty. He said that Jesus does not ask what we have done in the past, but wants to cleanse […]

What About You

I was grateful to watch so much coverage of Pope Francis again today. Everything he says and does is so rich, relevant, and full of love. Today I will focus on only one message that has been with me all day – “What About You?” When Pope Francis spoke at Mass in Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral […]

Peace and Prayers

Today I was able to follow most of the continuing visit of Pope Francis. Here are some of the moments that moved me the most. At his address to the United Nations, Pope Francis encouraged the working relationship of the institution to move toward the common good of all people. He said, “The common home of […]

Pope Francis Day 3

I enjoyed another spirit filled day watching the coverage of Pope Francis. His address at the joint meeting of congress was inspirational. It was moving just watching the reaction of House Speaker John Boehner as he was moved to tears – almost uncontrollably at the end when the pope was blessing the crowd. There were several […]

More Pope Francis

As soon as I got up this morning, I turned on the TV to watch the coverage of Pope Francis here in our country. The first thing that I saw was his official welcome by President Obama on the White House lawn. As the Vatican anthem played, Pope Francis had his head bowed and eyes […]

Pope Francis Arrives

I have been looking forward to the arrival of Pope Francis for some time now and excited to watch the coverage. Today I wore a shirt with the prayer of St. Francis on it in celebration. My mom, sister, and I went out and about and returned home just in time to watch the pope […]


This afternoon I talked my sister into going for a walk – well, actually, me taking her for a walk. We started out with my mom and dad as well. My mom was using her rolling walker and I was pushing my sister in the wheelchair. I kept hearing the song from the Monkees in my […]