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Made it Through

I woke up early this morning with the makings of a migraine. Today I was to take my sister to an important doctor appointment about an hour and a half away. She also needed to deliver some things to her son who is starting a new job. I knew if we did not get out there, it would be very difficult to try to get these things taken care of. So, I went out for a walk and got some fresh air. I said a prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes and blessed myself with holy water. After loading the car with the wheelchair and other necessities, my sister made it out of the house with her crutches – a new found skill she is learning, and off we went. It didn’t take too long until I started to feel better. We accomplished all that needed to happen and had lunch in the park. It was great to feel the warm sun and cool breeze at the same time. Then we headed back. Amazingly, there was no traffic backup. It seems any time we go in and out of the city, the traffic is terrible. This trip we made in excellent time. We thanked God for that, and for our safe trip. I am especially happy to be getting to bed early tonight.

I Found God today in feeling better to be able to take care of things that needed to be done.

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