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Set Your Sights

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat troubled. I had a dream that reminded me of my faults and failings and not so great decisions I made in the past. As I tried to shake the awareness of guilt and regret, I read a meditation that talked about the necessity of leaving the past and […]

Growing Flowers

I’m not a great gardener. When I lived in the Northeast, I think it was a little easier. The flowers and plants just grew because of the humidity. I have tried for the past 5 years to grow a beautiful pot of flowers. My mom and I even got an instructional video one year that […]

One Tribe

I had been wanting to see the movie “Black Panther” for a long time now. Tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity, so my brother, my dad, and I watched it. Overall, through the political nuances, I thought it had a great story line. The new king desired to right the wrongs of the past instead […]

Sharing Errands

This morning I asked my parents what they wanted to do or get done. My dad had some errands to run and so did my mom. My brother who is here also had some things he wanted to accomplish. So, my brother took my dad with him and I took my mom with me. We […]

Fantastic Friends

Today some friends from the northeast flew into the big city nearby. They were to meet a group of their friends for a reunion of sorts up in the mountains. Luckily, they had a somewhat early flight and I was able to meet them for lunch before they drove to theirĀ  destination. I picked them […]

Food Experiment Day

Every week we go to lunch with my mom’s friend. Today we went to one of our favorite spots. My brother got a new salad that he had been meaning to try and loved it. My mom got a sandwich on a different kind of bread than usual and she was very happy with it. […]

Beat Those Stairs

We watched one of our favorite shows tonight – America Ninja Warrior. We love the stories and get excited watching the competitors beat the odds. After the show, my mom walked up the stairs with one foot at a time instead of two feet on each step. When she reached the top, she cheered and […]

How Beautiful

Today at church we sang, “How Beautiful”, in reference to the Body of Christ. I love that song as it is, but while it was being sung, I looked at my mother and the words took on another meaning. Then I noticed in front of us was a man with Downs Syndrome. His mother (I’m […]

Long Lasting Love

Today I was very happy to be able to attend the 50th wedding anniversary party for one of the couples in my prayer group. The event was hosted by one of their daughters’ at her home. I had heard a lot about the family and seen photos, but this is the first time I met […]

Decks Done

My dad and brother have been up at the cabin getting some projects done and awaiting workers to do some repairs from a big hailstorm last summer. Because of the amount of work there is to do in the area and because of the current crazy weather we have had, the contractors are all running […]