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Most of the Family

This Father’s Day, we had quite a group of family at the house to celebrate – both my sisters, my brother, my son, and my nephew. My other brother who lives in another state was the only sibling missing, but he sent chocolates and goodies and had a long Facetime with my dad. It was […]

Facing Temptation

This morning I read the meditation from Dynamic Catholic, “Temptations will be with us for our entire life. However, their presence or absence is no indication of personal holiness; how we deal with them is.” Richard J Hauser, SJ.┬áThis quote really struck me on a couple different levels. First is the reminder that regardless of […]

Extreme Laughter

Today was my nephew’s birthday. He, my sister, and my son came over for dinner. We laughed so hard that I felt I had done hundreds of sit-ups. The best part was that we laughed about nothing – and everything. It felt great. I Found God today in extreme laughter.

So Far, So Good

A friend of mine received his first chemotherapy treatment a couple days ago. I visited with him tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see how well he was feeling. He looked good and was energetic. He even played a few rounds of golf with his son this morning. I had shared a bottle of Lourdes […]

Grandma Grandson Duet

My dad was not home tonight and I had a prayer group to attend, so my son came over to be with my mom, or “grandma sit”. My mom babysat for him when he was a toddler and even brought him to his first music lessons at that age. My son continued to pursue music […]

Respectful Waitress

Today we went to lunch at an Italian restaurant to celebrate my parent’s friend’s 88th birthday. She is so sweet and very soft spoken. The waitress was so considerate, helpful, and attentive. She explained everything on the menu and helped the woman pick out the best dish for her. When we finished our lunch, she […]

Parkinson’s People

Today in my mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class, there were two new college students who will be working with them. They introduced themselves and asked the participants to do the same. Some talked about what they “used” to do. There were teachers, organization volunteers, and one who loved doing ballroom dancing. It was difficult to imagine […]