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Fantastic Friends

Today some friends from the northeast flew into the big city nearby. They were to meet a group of their friends for a reunion of sorts up in the mountains. Luckily, they had a somewhat early flight and I was able to meet them for lunch before they drove to their  destination. I picked them up from the airport and it was funny to see them in my state. I have seen them a few times since I moved almost 5 years ago, but it was always in their place. I had a couple people help me research good places for lunch near the place where my friends were to pick up their rental car. They had suggested Mediterranean food. The research pointed to one that we thought sounded good, so we headed over. It was on a very busy street in the very busy city. We were a little leery when we saw the storefront, but we walked into a whole different world. The place was tiny, but had about a dozen small tables set with white linen cloths. The waiter greeted us immediately and sat us. From there, we received excellent food and a couple of visits from the chef. He even brought us cake that his wife made. My friends and I had a great visit and the time flew by. We got caught up on kids, grandkids, and family. I have known them for many years and it felt wonderful and so comfortable to be with them.

I Found God today visiting with long time far away friends.

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