Inspiring Faith and Strength

I visited a good friend today whose husband has Parkinson’s. She has been really struggling recently as he falls often and has difficulty with his daily activities. She has not wanted to move him into a nursing home, but has been very aware that his care is becoming more than she can provide on her […]

Memories and Laughter

My sister has been trying to clean things out as she gets ready to move. She came over this morning and brought some photos that we may want. It was fun looking at the pictures from years ago and seeing the fun we had with friends and family. Tonight I talked with one of those […]

Change of Disposition

I visited a friend on Zoom tonight. She is going through a very hectic time right now as she is trying to get her house ready to sell. She’s also coordinating her move across the country. As she described the things she is struggling with, I could see the stress on her face. Then we […]

All Are Suffering

We all suffer. It’s something we can’t get away from. Right now, people are suffering with an illness, maybe with the COVID-19 virus. People are mourning the death of a loved one. Others have lost their job or had their hours drastically reduced and trying to figure out how to pay rent and keep food […]

Playground Joy

As I was out running an errand today, I drove by the elementary school near the house. There were lots of children playing outside in the big playground they use for a ball field. Many of them had the large round playground balls that they were throwing around. It has been months since I have […]

Selfless Care Provider

A family friend who worked in home health care has offered many times to help our family if needed. We met with her today to talk about giving me a couple days respite. I knew most of her background, but she went into more detail today outlining her qualifications and experience. She and her family […]

Named Second Chance

One of the men in my prayer group has been battling cancer and the effects of treatments for over a year now. He was hospitalized recently once again. We had our prayer group tonight and it was a pleasant surprise to see him participate. We looked at the upcoming Gospel for this Sunday. It tells […]

God’s Faithfulness

Today my mom’s friend came over for a visit and to play piano. While we were chatting, I remembered how people in the city I used to live took care of me and my son. As I told some of the stories such as those who helped with my son’s school tuition, those who replaced […]

Humor Me

My mom’s friend came over today and brought along a couple pages of funny puns. There were several eye-rollers, but all of them made us laugh. Here is one of my favorites, “I changed my iPad’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.” Laughter really does feel good. I Found God today in laughter.

Contact Made

Today I was feeling particularly isolated. So I reached out to a couple of people I had not talked to in a long time, texted a bit, and called and talked to my sister for a bit. I was grateful for the interaction. It just felt good to connect. I Found God today connecting with […]