Home Mass

I have been meeting with a great group of people in a “Small Church Community” for a couple of years now. It has been such a blessing. Several months ago, one of the men was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had surgery that was successful at removing the existing cancer. Once he recovered, he and […]

Anxiety Prayer

Tonight I was talking with some people about how to stay on a good path in life and keep focused on the love, mercy, and grace that God has to offer. Of course the big answer is to pray. God wants good things for us and wants to help us. He is waiting for us […]

Thoughts to Phone Call

When I go back to the state I used to live in, it is impossible to visit with all the people I would like to see. There was one person in particular who I was unable to catch up with and he had been on my mind. He gave me a surprise phone call today. […]

Loving Appreciation

I spent some time today with a new friend and met her husband. They will be celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary soon. As they talked, their love and support for one another was obvious. She has had some health issues, but still enjoys making homemade treats for people including her husbands co-workers. He has had […]

Hockey Game

My son invited me to a hockey game tonight featuring his alma mater. Before the game, he and 2 of his friends came over for dinner. At one point they were talking work and technical things and to me it sounded like a foreign language. They were also funny and energetic. I very much enjoyed […]

Sharing Caring

A friend is struggling with her own health as she worries about and is caring for her husband who is ill. She called me today as she received an invitation for a caregivers seminar coming up soon. She said she thought of me and wanted to give me the information in case I wanted to […]

Public Witnesses

For the past few days, I have heard unapologetic witnessing to the grace of God in unexpected places. When I am at my prayer group or in my Bible class, the point is to recognize God’s love and mercy and to share that with one another. But I don’t expect to hear the same at […]