Blessing of Neighbors

The little complex here where my parents live started a prayer group. They have been praying for my dad and family since the stroke. This afternoon we found a card left by a neighbor and brought it to my dad. Tonight we listened to a voice mail left by a neighbor on the phone to […]


Yesterday I saw a post from a friend who said she was going to get an activity checked off her bucket list today – skydiving. She’s around 75 years old. I was looking forward to hearing how things went today. This afternoon, there were almost 100 photos and videos that captured the occasion. She didn’t […]

No Christmas Cards

Over the past couple of days, I have received some hand written notes, letters, and phone calls from friends. It is great to hear from them and catch up on what is going on. But at the same time, I feel somewhat contrite because I never mailed out any Christmas cards. I started to get […]

Spot Disappeared

Tonight I had dinner with friends and was happy to see a mom who has been struggling. She had a large cancer spot removed off the top of her head, then one behind her ear. To top it off, she recently got shingles. After she told me all about it, she said she was thankful […]

Rejoicing in Healing

A friend of mine has been battling a vicious cancer over the past few months. When the tumor was found, he had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate. Once recovered, he and his wife made many trips until they could no longer. A doctor’s visit revealed many tumors had grown in his body. One […]

Perfect Christmas Prayer

I received a Christmas card from a friend today that has the perfect prayer: “Bless us Lord this Christmas, with quietness of mind- Teach us to be patient, and always to be kind. Show us that in quietness, we can feel your presence near, Filling us with joy and peace, throughout the coming year.” Helen […]

Diner Guardian Angel

I checked on a friend this evening as many of her loved ones are having difficulties right now. She told me a crazy story about an incident her brother in law had yesterday morning. He was sitting in a diner alone having breakfast. There was another man there who was agitated and giving him dirty […]