Outside News

This morning my mom and I got outside while the sun was warm and the air was cool. I got her all set up on the porch with a book and her water bottle while I worked in the garden area. The HOA has been working on fire mitigation and removed our 3 bushes that […]

Blessed Friendship

Today I was so fortunate to visit with some friends from out of state. I met the woman through our church and youth ministry. Her husband was raised here, so we were able to reminisce about what the town was like many years ago. We shared challenges of caring for parents and we shared joys […]


Since my son has been away for the funeral, his roommate and girlfriend have been taking turns caring for his dog. Today was our turn. My son’s girlfriend dropped off the dog bright and early this morning. She followed me all over and was clearly confused as to what was happening. Then I had a […]

More Missions

Our friends returned from yet another mission trip and stopped by today. This time they visited Turkey and Albania. They had stories to tell like always. But what fascinated me the most was the biblical history of the place. They met a man in Turkey who gave tours of the area including cities such as […]

Long Lost Friend

Today as I was running errands, I found I had some extra time. Since it was Ascension Thursday, I decided to go to Mass. Even better, I arrived early so I could go to Confession and there was no one else in line. I waited a long time, until it was just about time for […]

Good Friends

My mom’s friend came over today and brought her a gift for her birthday. It was a statue of the Holy Family carved from wood from the Holy Land. She said she thought it was fitting since most of our family will be together to celebrate her birthday. She is such a good and thoughtful […]

Grateful For People and Healing

It had been a very long time since I went for a walk outside, so was very happy to go out with friend today. Evidently it had been a very long time since we caught up. We walked and talked and it felt wonderful. As I recounted what I had been up to, I found […]

Looking Good

My friend’s mom has been undergoing chemotherapy for a couple of months, but doing fairly well. She came out to dinner tonight with a group of friends. It was good to see her functioning and visiting. It was tiring for her, but she did great. I Found God today seeing my friend’s mom who is […]

Spiritual Connections

I had very strong unexpected spiritual connections today. First, I met a friend for lunch. She is a caregiver also and a very faithful woman. We prayed together at the restaurant and had beautiful conversation as we usually do. She noted that the relationship with another faithful person is something special – that you understand […]

Friends and Family

Our neighbors invited us over for lunch today. They are such kind, generous people and we enjoy getting together with them. They have family in the area, but not too close by. During the course of our conversation, they said they had wanted to get together with their family, but things didn’t work out. Then […]