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Finished the Book

During the Bible class I took, we read excerpts from the book, “Walking With God; a Journey Through the Bible” by Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins. Since we studied most of the Old Testament, we didn’t get through the entire book. I signed up to take the next course which focuses on the life […]

Repose of the Soul

Years ago when my mother-in-law died, I was distraught at the fact that there was no wake, no funeral, no services. I spoke to a priest friend of mine who suggested having a Mass said for her. What that means is the Sacrifice of the Mass would include a specific prayer for her soul. I […]

Affording the Cure

A couple of days ago on the news, there was a heart-wrenching story about a baby who had a rare disease. There is actually a one time treatment for it that practically cures the illness. Without it, the poor little girl did not even the capacity to breath on her own. The mother was doing […]

Selfless Soul

Today I read the obituary for my son’s friend. It was a beautiful write up as most are. However, the article had something I don’t think I have ever seen. It included, “He lived his life to the fullest and his last wishes were for people to take better care of one another, perform random […]

An Amplifier

Last week, the bulb on the old rear projector TV went out – or so we thought. My dad tried a used bulb, which didn’t work. He ordered a new bulb, but it didn’t work either. After some research and thought, he decided not to try to get the TV repaired, but wanted to get […]

$800 For a Chevy

This morning, my dad remembered that when he was very young, his mother would send him to the grocery store to pick up a few items. He felt like it was a huge responsibility. He and my mom remembered the prices of some items. My mom’s father owned a bakery and the doughnuts were $.30 […]

Progressive Prayers

I met with a group of friends from the church last night and the topic for discussion led to prayer. We talked about how we pray differently at different times – to God the Father, Jesus the Son, or the Holy Spirit, or we may ask for intercession from the Blessed Mother Mary or from […]

Holy Moment Explanation

This morning I opened up a meditation I received and this is what it read: “What is a holy moment? A holy moment is a moment when you make yourself completely available to God. You set self-interest aside, you set aside what you want to do or feel like doing, and for that moment you […]

Cellular Sacred Moment

I talked to a far away friend for quite a while today. I miss seeing her on a regular basis. It was so good to hear her voice and get caught up. She reminded me that when we were living and working in the same area, would we have our own little prayer sessions. So, […]

Puppy Love

A friend of mine loves her pets – especially her dogs. They are actually more than pets. They are companions. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, her dog suddenly showed signs of being unwell. She took her to the emergency vet who kept her and did what they could to treat her. Shockingly, the next day […]