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Affording the Cure

A couple of days ago on the news, there was a heart-wrenching story about a baby who had a rare disease. There is actually a one time treatment for it that practically cures the illness. Without it, the poor little girl did not even the capacity to breath on her own. The mother was doing her best to lovingly care for the infant, and was pleading for help. However, the treatment costs 2 million dollars. Hard to believe. But I had heard that same thing from the Parkinson’s support groups that I have been to. It costs a tremendous amount of money to do research and develop any kind of medication. To recoup the expenses, the price is ridiculous. The hope is that it will be paid by the insurance companies. I found out today that the story stirred the heart of a professional fundraiser. The unknown person hired a lawyer who got together a group of insurance companies. One of them stepped forward and agreed to pay for the treatment. The mother was beside herself with gratitude. It was good to know that good people do step up in times of need.

I Found God today in generous strangers.

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