Champion for Life

Today I learned of the death of a woman who was the head of a pregnancy center in the town I used to live. I had met her a couple of times, particularly in working with the high school youth group. She made quite an impression on me as she was an incredible presence even […]

Good Talk

I have been missing the caregiver meetings that I used to attend. One of the organizations was able to coordinate an online session that I plugged into this afternoon. It was uplifting as always even with the challenges of a web meeting. Tonight I met with my prayer group on Zoom. It was so nice […]

Rescuing Each Other

Tonight my family was talking about the time I fell into a lake. My mom’s parents owned a cottage on a lake in Wisconsin. We would visit from time to time and always loved going out on the dock to see what we could see. One time, when I was about 4 years old, I […]

Miracle Baby

My mom, her friend and I went to lunch today. When we arrived, we noticed that it seemed to be “ladies day”. We were seated by the drink machine so we saw pretty much everyone who came in. There was one man in the whole place and a steady stream of women kept coming – […]

Affording the Cure

A couple of days ago on the news, there was a heart-wrenching story about a baby who had a rare disease. There is actually a one time treatment for it that practically cures the illness. Without it, the poor little girl did not even the capacity to breath on her own. The mother was doing […]

Young Mother

Today a friend and I visited a young woman who had a baby. The little guy is about 2 weeks old and so sweet. The young woman unfortunately doesn’t have the support of the father and is doing her best on her own. She lovingly held and stroked her newborn as she told us how […]

Baby Sounds

Today I called a friend for her birthday. She was feeding her granddaughter who is just 3 months old. She has become the babysitter extraordinaire and loves it. We chatted for a while on speaker and when the baby was finished, my friend got her to make some sounds. The babbles and squeals were just […]

Infant Baptism

Today’s gospel reading in Mass was the account of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. In his homily, the priest talked about the Catholic tradition of baptizing babies instead of waiting until adulthood and a conscious decision made. He likened this action by comparing it to a parent feeding their child because they know […]

Love Overflowing

Today I received an update from a young man who runs a program to help teenage youth in foster homes transition to a life on their own. His wife recently gave birth to their first child. In his note, he talked about how lucky they have been to have so much support from their friends […]

Holy Innocents

Today the church honors the Feast of the Holy Innocents. It remembers those tiny martyrs who have tragically lost their lives. The reading of the day is from Matthew 2:13-18 which tells the story of how king Herod ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under […]