Belonging to God

Last night a young woman I know sent me some photos of her baby getting Baptized. Of course they were adorable. Later I realized it was Holy Trinity Sunday. In the Gospel reading, Jesus told His disciples “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father,and of the Son, […]

Funny Baby Photo

My mom is still very committed to attending her online exercise classes twice a week. They are in real time with some of the people she used to exercise with in person before the pandemic. The group is connected to the college and includes interns who are furthering their education in the medical field. After […]

Real Super Woman

I heard an incredible story on the news today about a young woman who saved a life, passed a nursing exam, and gave birth all in the same day. Evidently, she was in pre-mature early labor, but was cleared to leave so she could take the exam she had been studying for over 2 years. […]

Praying Baby

A young woman I know gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago. It was a time of joy and concern as she was ill which resulted in an earlier than anticipated birth. The baby was then hospitalized for a couple of days. Thankfully, things seem settled now. The new mom and her […]

My Blessed History

My dad has always been on the cutting edge of photography beginning when he was in high school. He also owned a movie camera at that time and started putting together movies as well. I remember watching some of them on an old reel to reel projector and portable screen. Many years ago, my brother […]

Hats For Newborns

I was happy to be able to visit with a friend for a while today. She told me about a woman she knows who works in a pregnancy crisis center. My friend does terrific needlework and makes super cute hats. Her friend asked for a hat for a new little baby. My friend then discovered […]

Born in a Blizzard

Today was my sister’s birthday. We called Facetime as we do every year and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. My mom recounted the story of her birth. There was a blizzard when my mom went into labor and the snow was up to her knees. They figured it would be fastest for them to drive […]

Safe Delivery

A young woman I know was super excited to be expecting a baby in February. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Covid earlier this month. She was pretty ill and the baby was experiencing distress. We started praying to Our Lady of Lourdes. The young woman was able to recover enough to deliver the baby. He […]

Champion for Life

Today I learned of the death of a woman who was the head of a pregnancy center in the town I used to live. I had met her a couple of times, particularly in working with the high school youth group. She made quite an impression on me as she was an incredible presence even […]

Good Talk

I have been missing the caregiver meetings that I used to attend. One of the organizations was able to coordinate an online session that I plugged into this afternoon. It was uplifting as always even with the challenges of a web meeting. Tonight I met with my prayer group on Zoom. It was so nice […]