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Positive Exposure

We have visited the mall several times for various reasons, but only realized recently that there has been a photography exhibit there. Being a photographer himself, my dad spent some time at the mall the other day, but was unable to locate the exhibit. We decided to give it another try, so my dad and I headed […]

Clearer View

Every morning we open the blinds over the very large dining room windows. The sunshine can be very intense, so we usually wait until the afternoon to fully raise them. Then we enjoy the view especially during lunch and dinner. As I was doing some spring cleaning today, I washed the windows. That had not […]

His Ways II

I was reflecting more today on the statement of “God’s ways are not our ways”. While it is true that I – we all – go through difficult times, there are also times when things work out marvelously. When I am able to put my circumstances in God’s hands, there have been numerous times when […]

His Ways

I read a Bible reflection today and there was one line that struck my heart, “God’s ways are not our ways”. This is so true in so many ways, but especially when I am hurting or very unhappy. I can’t understand why God is putting me through such an ordeal. However, if I can just hang […]

Helpful Sales People

My dad purchased a new bed a few weeks back so he and my mom could be together, yet each have their own mattress and their own movable frame. There have been some problems with them and my dad has been having to move the mattresses every night to keep them in the right place. […]

A Beautiful Family

There was a lot of activity during church today –  a little more than usual. We sit in a back section for several reasons and have a first hand view of all the commotion. Mostly it comes in the form of parents and children. At the beginning of Mass, I noticed a particularly large family […]

Becoming Men

My son called me bright and early this morning. We talked about his plans after college graduation and started to put some things in place. We actually spoke several times during the day as we worked out some details. Later in the morning, my sister came for a visit. She also received a call from […]

Unshaken Faith

A friend of mine has struggled with health issues and accidents for as long as I have known her. Yet, after every incident she gets things fixed, goes through rehab, and comes back as strong as possible. She has an amazing will, attitude, and faith. I found out the other day that she was back […]

False Guilt

Today I was so happy to spend some time in the church in Eucharistic Adoration and to be able to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Going to confession is a difficult thing to do. But talking with the priest is always so helpful. Today we talked about the difference between “false guilt” and true guilt. […]

Fighter Plane

The other night I volunteered with the Fostering Hope Foundation at the monthly cooking events. I noticed that the young woman who organizes the event had a new tattoo of a WWII airplane. She shared the story of the unusual work of art. Her grandfather was in the Air Force and flew a fighter plane in WWII. […]