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Wisdom of Rules

Sadly, a friend and neighbor of my parents’ passed away last week. Today we attended his memorial service. Several family members and friends spoke of the man’s character and faith. It was clear how much he loved God, valued his family, and desired to make the world a better place. Several people talked about how […]


My sister bought a book about making candy. I want to learn more about it, so I started reading from the beginning. It reads like a textbook. It begins by describing different ingredients – how they are formed, how they interact with other ingredients, and how they behave under certain conditions. It was a lot […]

Never Such a Party

The people who I exercise with in the morning are just wonderful and very good friends. Today was one of the mens’ 80th birthday, so the instructor arranged a surprise party for him. After our water aerobics class, we all met in one of the community rooms. The birthday boy was overcome with emotion. He […]

Effective Prayers

Last night I met with a group of friends. One of them asked specifically for prayers as she has been struggling with her health and had a doctor’s appointment today. Later today I found that the appointment went well and she is on a good path for feeling better. That was good news. I Found […]

Thankful For Service

It was a beautiful day today, so my parents and I had lunch out on the patio. After a while, a young man came around checking the sprinklers in the grassy area. He and my dad got to talking about the tree that nearly came down in the blizzard a few weeks ago. My dad […]

Great Giggles

I was able to see my far away family via computer today. Everyone was doing very silly things and entertained me and my mom. My 3 year old granddaughter was being very mischievous. She was purposefully being disobedient over and over again as my son did his best to keep her from getting into things. […]

Take Them Home

Today on one of the caregiver’s groups that I belong to, people were talking about having difficulties getting their loved ones out of a nursing home. There were problems at the facilities, and the people were not able to just take their love one home. I had read stories of this happening in magazines as […]

Extreme Green Thumb

My sister came over this weekend and re-potted a couple of plants for me. She had re-potted one about a month ago, but it’s leaves were turning brown and curling on the edges. She said she thought it was getting fertilizer burn from the potting soil. The soil she got wasn’t her usual brand, but […]

Want To Be Like God

Today I was happy to have the opportunity to attend a short Lent retreat at our parish. The talk was given by a Sister of the Merciful Jesus who spoke about the amazing mercy that Jesus offers to each one of us. She was full of joy, enthusiasm, and faith that was contagious. There was […]

Postcards from the Past

As my dad was looking through some papers today, he found a stack of old postcards that were written by him and my mom from some 40-60 years ago. They logged most of the trips that were taken. Most of them were sent to my dad’s parents who had kept them and now they are […]