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My sister bought a book about making candy. I want to learn more about it, so I started reading from the beginning. It reads like a textbook. It begins by describing different ingredients – how they are formed, how they interact with other ingredients, and how they behave under certain conditions. It was a lot for me and my sister to digest. I described the book to my dad who understood it fine. He told us about the chemistry set he had as a young teenager and the experiments he and his friends would do. My dad described two explosions that occurred. One of them involved a drain, and one involved my grandfather. Evidently, my dad had his chemistry set in his room. One day his dad came in to investigate. My dad explained one of the experiments, but when he was occupied with something else, his dad inadvertently caused the explosion. My dad said there was glass from the test tube and chemicals all over his room. Laughing, he said that was the last time his dad came into his room.

I Found God today in funny stories from my dad about some of his younger antics.

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