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A New Phone

I was happy to take my son’s old phone when he upgraded to a new one. At the time, I was using a phone that had the slide out keyboard. The thing I liked most about the new phone was the ability to take pictures. I love taking pictures and this phone was the next best […]

Gift of Music

Music has always been a large part of my son’s life. This afternoon, he had gone to lower level of the house and I heard him singing. When he came back up, my mother asked if he would play the piano and I encouraged him to sing along. For the next half an hour he played […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving

It was a frigid, icy, snowy morning. We knew it would be like this, so my sisters and I got up early to check the weather and decide if they wanted to attempt to make the hour and some drive to celebrate Thanksgiving today, or postpone. They decided to go for it. For the past […]

Long Awaited Reconnection

I didn’t sleep too well last night – had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Then I was awakened  at 3:30 by a text and again at 4:30, but that was OK. I had asked my son to keep me posted as he traveled. I was very excited to see him – it […]

Everyone Loves Bindi Irwin

So, we watched the season finale of “Dancing With the Stars” tonight. Bindi Irwin took home the mirror ball trophy, which was not surprising in the least. From the beginning it was evident that there really is something special about this girl. And as the weeks went on, we got to see more of who […]

King of the Universe

Today my mom, dad, and I took a drive to their cabin in the mountains. We were all so happy that everyone felt up for the trip. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive. We went to church in the small town near the cabin. Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of Our […]

No More Cancer

Today I received a beautiful note. After reading the return address, it took me a while to realize who sent it. The letter was from a friend’s mother. She found out over the summer that she had cancer. She is a fairly young woman about my age and eats a very healthy diet, so the […]