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Piano Cassette

As my mom was resting yesterday, my dad found some small portable cassette players and got them working. He found some tapes to play and one of them was a recording of my mom playing the piano about 30 years ago. That is when she says she was at her best. My dad got the […]

Answers From Docs

My poor mom has still been in a lot of pain. I called and left messages with 2 of her doctors and the physical therapist this morning. I had some questions and was looking for more help to try to alleviate some of her suffering. One at a time, they each called back and each […]

Comfortable Seat

The day we returned from the cabin, my mom’s back, hip, and leg started hurting. She has been in a great deal of pain, so we went to see her doctor today. He feels it is a pinched nerve and took some x-rays to check further. Tonight after dinner, she was able to make her […]

Children’s Mass

At church this morning, the children’s choir performed a song before Mass started. I loved listening to and watching them. They were so exuberant. When they finished, the younger children went to sit with their families. The older children stayed in the choir area. To my surprise, they participated in the entire Mass. Not only […]

Record Birds

We spent another day at the cabin today and put the birdfeeders out just as the sun was rising. There were birds already visiting the deck wondering where the food was. We once again enjoyed the activity and antics of the birds as they flew back and forth from trees to feeders. And we were […]

Entertaining Jays

We made a trip up to the cabin today and put out the bird feeders as soon as we arrived. The first to notice were two Stellar’s Jays. They are really too big for the feeders and usually clean up the ground after the smaller birds. But they must have been hungry, because they were […]

Trusting This Doc

My mom had her appointment with the neurologist today. This is the second time she has seen him after our long struggle trying to find someone we trusted. He was very thorough and followed up with everything we talked about from the first time. He tested her and found that she has even improved some […]

Hopeful Politics

Today my parents and I made a trip to the bank so they could make some adjustments to their accounts. We were there way too long. But, while we were there, we got in a political discussion with one of the employees. It was a thoughtful, respectful, considerate conversation – not at all like the […]

Great American Read

My mom’s friend came over this morning and told us about The Great American Read hosted by PBS. For 6 months, people have been able to vote for their favorite book. The results would be revealed on the show tonight. So, my parents and I watched the program. It went through the list of titles […]

Exchange Doctors

I talked with a friend today who had the opportunity to house a doctor from another county who was here as part of an exchange program. Several medical personnel come together to exchange ideas. My friend told us how much she had learned about the culture of the guest. She was from a small Asian […]