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Entertaining Jays

We made a trip up to the cabin today and put out the bird feeders as soon as we arrived. The first to notice were two Stellar’s Jays. They are really too big for the feeders and usually clean up the ground after the smaller birds. But they must have been hungry, because they were determined to get their fair share right away. They each had their own method of getting the seeds out. One of them we called the “lander”. He managed to land on the short feeder pegs and bend his head over far enough into the hole. But he also tried a couple different things. He hung on sideways like a woodpecker and balanced himself by putting his tail under the feeder. At one point he also hung upside down just long enough to stick his head in the hole below him. The other bird we called the “jumper”. As you may have guessed, he jumped. He stood on the railing of the deck just below the bird feeder and flapped and jumped just high enough to put his head in the hole and grab a seed or two. I think he was expending more energy than he was receiving. At times, the jumper would watch the lander and try to replicate his moves. But he couldn’t quite seem to get the hang of it. He would try to land on the short pegs and just end up falling off and flying away. They were altogether comical and we were very entertained for quite some time. Eventually the smaller birds realized what was going on and took over. From then on, the jays had an easier time just cleaning up the ground.

I Found God today being entertained by birds.

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