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God’s Love is Different

Tonight, the Advent meditation I read asked the question, “How is God’s love different from human love?” My mom and I pondered this a little bit. We felt that most of all, God’s love is constant and consistent. People fall in and out of love all the time. It is rare indeed to find a […]

Wisdom of Caregivers

Today was the last day of the most recent caregiver class that I have been attending. This one focused on processing your emotions and came at the perfect time – of course. The last thing we talked about was what we would take away from the sessions. There was so much wisdom in the group. […]

Waiting But Not

First Sunday of Advent already. I heard and read several different reflections on the day. I especially enjoyed watching a video by a priest that my family loves. What I came to understand is that Advent is a time of waiting for both the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and for the day […]

Made the Visit

It has been hectic for my son and his family since they moved here. They had been looking forward to visiting my dad, but COVID, new job and schools, illnesses, and trying to get settled in a new house kept everyone very busier than anticipated. Today my son and his wife made the time to […]

New Telescope

When my mom and I arrived to visit my dad today, one of the caregivers who coordinates activities as well flagged us down. She had something to show us. She said she had been to Walmart for black Friday shopping early this morning and as she was headed for the “one thing” she was going […]

A Different Thanksgiving

I was so grateful that my son and daughter in law offered to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. Yesterday my grandson came over and we made some desserts. All of them were brand new recipes. My grandson made brownies embellished with Andes candy. He had an idea and wanted to try it out. We made […]

Blessings of Chaplains

I received a follow-up email from my dad’s dentist who was there the other day. It included the bio’s of the individual dentists. According to his information, the man who saw my dad has a Masters degree in Divinity and is seeking to become a Chaplain as well. That didn’t surprise me at all as […]

TSO Again

Tonight we continued the annual tradition of going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. My son purchased tickets for himself, his brother and family, and me as our Christmas gift. My sister was kind enough to come and stay with my mom. As my son said on the way home, TSO never disappoints. It was beautiful, […]

Playing For Dad

I have been encouraging my mom to bring some music when we visit my dad so she can play the piano for him. He always loves hearing her play. When they were younger, my mom’s best friend was my dad’s sister. When my mother would play the piano at their house, my dad would sit […]

Glad He’s Recovering

My family was surprised when my sister announced that she and her husband were selling their farm. They got an offer on the house at just the right time. My brother in law unexpectedly had to have surgery. And right before that he threw his back out so badly that he couldn’t even stand up. […]