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God’s Love is Different

Tonight, the Advent meditation I read asked the question, “How is God’s love different from human love?” My mom and I pondered this a little bit. We felt that most of all, God’s love is constant and consistent. People fall in and out of love all the time. It is rare indeed to find a human form of everlasting, unconditional love. Also, I told my mother that I love her very much. But I am keenly aware that I don’t act like it all the time. In my human weakness, I get impatient, tired, fearful, frustrated, overwhelmed, and don’t always act like the loving person I want to be. I thank God that He is not subject to such things. I can be certain that He loves me fully when He created me, now in this moment, tomorrow, and forever.

I Found God today remembering His constant unfailing love.

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