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Meaningful Generational Time

Every year our church gives people the opportunity to purchase gifts for children who need them. Each year I take tags off the “Giving Tree” that correspond to the ages of my grandchildren. This year, since my grandchildren are here, I invited them to come shopping with me. This afternoon my mom and I met them at the store. My oldest grandson is 18, so he drove them and was a great help. They each thoughtfully chose gifts for the child described on their tag. Then we went to my house and wrapped them all so they’re ready to go under the tree at church. My granddaughter did take a tumble at the store, but her older brother sprang into action as he scooped her up and helped her feel better. He’s so attentive and I love seeing how the three of them care for each other. I felt so blessed to spend this time with my mom and grandchildren together. I’m hoping that I’m helping to make meaningful memories for all.

I Found God today spending meaningful time with my mom and grandchildren together.

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