Do Your Part

Tonight in Bible class, the teacher told a great story that shows how God is present right here and now. The other day she was working on her computer and a friend came to mind. She felt she should send her a note, but she felt she didn’t have time and tried to talk herself […]

Rejoicing in Healing

A friend of mine has been battling a vicious cancer over the past few months. When the tumor was found, he had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate. Once recovered, he and his wife made many trips until they could no longer. A doctor’s visit revealed many tumors had grown in his body. One […]

Perfect Christmas Prayer

I received a Christmas card from a friend today that has the perfect prayer: “Bless us Lord this Christmas, with quietness of mind- Teach us to be patient, and always to be kind. Show us that in quietness, we can feel your presence near, Filling us with joy and peace, throughout the coming year.” Helen […]

Team Project

Today was cookie day. I took over the kitchen, put on my peaceful Christmas music playlist, and made 22 dozen cookies. While I was working on them, my parents worked on their Christmas cards. It has been quite a project. They recovered their mailing list and called my aunt to get new addresses. They had […]

Seeing Jesus

In my Bible class tonight, my teacher told a story about a monk who wanted to see Jesus before he died. While in prayer, Jesus said He would meet the man the next day. The following day, the monk awaited eagerly in his room to meet with Jesus. He didn’t attend Mass as usual. He […]

Lights Up

It was a pretty mild day today just before more cold weather. So, my dad and I got outside and did some Christmas decorating. We put the lights on the bushes. We put a little Charlie Brown tree on the porch from the cuttings we collected from the cabin. And we got a few other […]

What is Christmas

I watched an Advent video reflection from Dynamic Catholic hosted by Matthew Kelly. He had a definition for Christmas that to me was very profound and worth pondering, “Christmas is the most astounding collaboration between God and humanity. That’s what happens at Christmas. And God invites you and me to partake in that collaboration every […]

Recipe for Advent

Today is the beginning of Advent. At church, the priest talked about all the baking we have probably started to do and will continue over the next few weeks. Many people have secret recipes that they pull out this time of year to share those special goodies with their loved ones. This caught my attention […]

One Tribe

I had been wanting to see the movie “Black Panther” for a long time now. Tonight seemed like the perfect opportunity, so my brother, my dad, and I watched it. Overall, through the political nuances, I thought it had a great story line. The new king desired to right the wrongs of the past instead […]

Final Christmas Preparations

I stayed up way too late last night cutting out and baking pieces to make a gingerbread church, but I really enjoyed doing it. I thought of all the different times that I could remember making the church with friends, youth groups, and family. My sister came today and we all finally put up the […]