Bocelli Music

On the Hallow app which I use daily, they have Advent/Christmas music by the Bocelli family that I listened to tonight. Of course, it was beautiful. There was also a quote by Andrea Bocelli, “I do not think anyone can ever do anything without the help and will of God.” What a blessing it was […]

A Christmas Party

Today I took my mom to the annual Parkinson’s group Christmas party. We had not been to it for 3 years – though that was hard to believe. The group had a gift exchange, but we chose not to participate. However,  shortly after we sat down, a woman came up and just gave my mom […]

Frozen in Place

One of today’s scripture readings at Mass was about Moses meeting God in the burning bush. When God introduced Himself to Moses, He instructed him to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. When the priest talked about that, he described how we are always on the move. And in in […]

Temporary Emotions

I often struggle in trying to keep my emotions in check. I can be very quick to react based on how I’m feeling. Then I usually regret it and have to apologize. Tonight I read a beautiful reflection from “The Word Among Us”, based on today’s gospel. It said in part, “Emotions are temporary, but […]

Tree Trimming

Today my son and grandchildren came over to help us get out the Christmas tree and decorations. Everyone played a part. The guys did the heavy lifting, set up the tree, and got all the lights working. My granddaughter helped my son put the tinsel garland on. My grandson, my mom and I put on […]

Another Plan Gone Astray

I had a few hours to myself today and planned on running lots of errands. However, I got a call the other day that the dentist would see my dad this morning to replace a lost crown. So, when our friend came over to stay with my mom, I headed up to my dad’s. I […]

Handmade Wreath

Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday, so the clan came over today for lunch, cake, and party. After that, I had an idea for an art project that everyone was gracious enough to indulge me with. It was a simple wreath that I had made with the kids when I was doing home day care. Everyone […]

Meaningful Generational Time

Every year our church gives people the opportunity to purchase gifts for children who need them. Each year I take tags off the “Giving Tree” that correspond to the ages of my grandchildren. This year, since my grandchildren are here, I invited them to come shopping with me. This afternoon my mom and I met […]

Waiting But Not

First Sunday of Advent already. I heard and read several different reflections on the day. I especially enjoyed watching a video by a priest that my family loves. What I came to understand is that Advent is a time of waiting for both the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and for the day […]

Low Key Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve was very low-key, which I expect will continue into tomorrow. Our neighbors came by with treats and sang “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” from across the porch. Another friend had her son deliver a gift to the porch. We went for a little walk and enjoyed the sunshine. After dinner we […]