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Lengthy Waiting Room

I took my dad to an eye doctor’s appointment today. The morning consisted of checking in, waiting, answering questions, eye exam, getting eye drops, waiting, more extensive exam, waiting, and finally talking with the doctor. The waiting area was jammed packed full of people – mostly senior citizens – going through the same ritual as we […]

Finally Some Relief

My brother has been having quite a bit of trouble with some kind of allergic reaction for almost a year now. He has tried different doctors, different remedies, different environmental adjustments, and different foods. He has received relief from time to time, but nothing that lasts. All along he has been doing as much research […]

Being God’s Creation

Tonight my dad told my mom and I that recently he has been dreaming about mistakes he has made in his past. We talked about how different each person is and even though we all make bad decisions, there is a lot of successes. My dad has always been very intelligent and pretty strong headed […]

Cooking Turkeys

Sometimes I think I have heard all the stories my parents have to tell. Then they come up with another one that I know nothing about. As we were playing a game tonight, my mom told one such story. Her father was a baker and the family lived in the upstairs home above the bakery. For […]

Such Similarities

Our new neighbors moved in a few months ago and we have been meaning to get together. Things finally worked out and we had the couple over today. We had seen and spoken to the wife a few times as she stayed here while her husband was tying up some loose ends in their previous state. […]

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Today my parents and I watched the adorable viral video of the little 4 year old girl and her dad singing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. It brought tears to my eyes. According to the news, the video has been seen over 100 million times. Why is this video so widely popular? I think there […]

Supporting the Military

My dad and I spent some time at the Department of Motor Vehicles today to get some business taken care of. Some of the people there thanked him for his service when they realized he has retired from the military. We talked about that later on with my mom. Not so many years ago, the […]

God’s With Mom

I was glad that my mom felt even better today. Her friend came over as usual, but my mom was only up for playing one piano duet as opposed to several. It sounded pretty good to me. I could see her struggle, but she did what she could. I asked her tonight how she found […]

Pain in the Back

My mom was feeling pretty bad yesterday. She made it to church, but that was about it. She takes a pill once a month that is supposed to help with her bone density, but it always makes her feel bad. This was an extreme case. She was having trouble with a back ache a few […]

Mind and Faith

At church today, the priest talked about how we can – and should – use our minds and our faith together. They go hand in hand. God gives us our minds to help us figure out problems, to learn new things, to make decisions and so much more. God gives us faith in Him that […]