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Thoughts on God

I woke up this morning tired and cranky for no reason. Before I even opened my eyes, I thought about how I felt kind of achy. I thought about what I had to do  – exercise, usual daily work, etc. – and how I didn’t want to do any of it. I didn’t want to […]

Wisdom at the Inauguration

I watched some of the inauguration today. Among the drama, strong language, and protests, it was hopeful to hear the different prayers that were spoken. They were words of peace, guidance, and grace. There were actually several references to the need for God’s wisdom. It was a beautiful reminder that God is bigger than this […]

Angel in the Sky

We had a little break from the winter weather today, so we decided to spend the day at the cabin. The sunshine, the snow on the mountains, and the clear blue sky was just gorgeous. When we arrived and got everything settled, I went out on the deck. The air was so crisp and clear. […]

Learning Pickleball

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a friend about the game “Pickleball”. It seems to be gaining popularity – especially with people in their 40’s and older. I thought it sounded like fun and perhaps it would be something I should learn. This week at the Parkinson’s support group, it was announced […]

Chatty Men

Today I went to lunch with my dad, mom, and a family friend. We tried a new restaurant and sat at a large booth with a large table. It was a little difficult to carry on a conversation as the music in the background was a little too loud and the booth behind me held […]

Not My Schedule

Some words from this morning’s meditation really touched my heart, “Your desire to feel in control is often the culprit behind your frustration. You plan your day and expect others to behave in ways that expedite your plans. When that doesn’t happen, you face a choice: to resent the situation or to trust Me (God). […]

Celebrating and Resting

Yesterday, my sisters came for the day. We celebrated one of my sister’s birthday. I really enjoy putting together events, even small family parties. I have so much fun deciding what kind of cake to make and what kind of dinner to have. After the family celebration, we went to a painting party to celebrate […]

A Parkinson’s Story

My mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group. I was excited to hear about a new therapy that is available. The medication is received via a pump and a tube that is inserted into the stomach. One of the big benefits is that the patient receives the same amount of medication throughout the […]

Secure Your Mask First

I had lunch with a friend today. At one point we were talking about how challenging life can be at times. She said how important it is to take care of yourself. Her motto follows the instructions you hear in the airplane before you take off – in an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop […]

Barnacles on the Ship of Life

My dad had another doctor appointment today. This one was with the dermatologist. My dad had a couple of spots that were concerning to my mom and me. The first one to see him was the intern. He made the rounds with his can of liquid nitrogen and froze some pre-cancerous spots. Those that we […]