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God’s With Mom

I was glad that my mom felt even better today. Her friend came over as usual, but my mom was only up for playing one piano duet as opposed to several. It sounded pretty good to me. I could see her struggle, but she did what she could. I asked her tonight how she found […]

Pain in the Back

My mom was feeling pretty bad yesterday. She made it to church, but that was about it. She takes a pill once a month that is supposed to help with her bone density, but it always makes her feel bad. This was an extreme case. She was having trouble with a back ache a few […]

Mind and Faith

At church today, the priest talked about how we can – and should – use our minds and our faith together. They go hand in hand. God gives us our minds to help us figure out problems, to learn new things, to make decisions and so much more. God gives us faith in Him that […]

Thoughts on God

I woke up this morning tired and cranky for no reason. Before I even opened my eyes, I thought about how I felt kind of achy. I thought about what I had to do  – exercise, usual daily work, etc. – and how I didn’t want to do any of it. I didn’t want to […]

Wisdom at the Inauguration

I watched some of the inauguration today. Among the drama, strong language, and protests, it was hopeful to hear the different prayers that were spoken. They were words of peace, guidance, and grace. There were actually several references to the need for God’s wisdom. It was a beautiful reminder that God is bigger than this […]

Angel in the Sky

We had a little break from the winter weather today, so we decided to spend the day at the cabin. The sunshine, the snow on the mountains, and the clear blue sky was just gorgeous. When we arrived and got everything settled, I went out on the deck. The air was so crisp and clear. […]

Learning Pickleball

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a friend about the game “Pickleball”. It seems to be gaining popularity – especially with people in their 40’s and older. I thought it sounded like fun and perhaps it would be something I should learn. This week at the Parkinson’s support group, it was announced […]