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It Does Take a Community

Today at church, we celebrated the Holy Family – Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The deacon talked about how he got together with his family over Christmas. The crowd consisted of grandparents, parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren. He realized how important the role of each relationship played in the development of the younger generations. He […]

Chickadee Call

My parents and I went up to the cabin in the mountains for a few days as the weather was pretty mild. Shortly after we arrived, my dad filled up the bird feeders and we placed them outside around the house. After several hours around dusk, we finally saw a bird at one of the […]

Just Needs Time

A few weeks ago, my sister fell down her stairs. She has been slowly recovering, but had a set back in the last week. She just kept feeling worse and worse. When she came over for Christmas, she wasn’t her usual bubbly self. She napped and spent much of the time wrapped up in a […]

Support After Fire

It has been getting very cold at night and my dad has been trying to regulate the heat better in the house. So, today my parents, brother, and I got to talking about heating systems. My parents remembered the old coal stoves they had growing up that would last through part of the night. This […]

Napping Day

It has been quite a busy time getting prepared for Christmas, as it is every year. Even though I tried not to go straight out every day, it was still a lot of work. Today, there were several activities that we could have done and we talked about them. But when it came right down […]

Joyful Celebration

Merry Christmas! It has been a great day with family. We ate and exchanged gifts and played fun games and ate some more. We caught up on life events and laughed a lot. Those who weren’t here physically, we were able to catch on video chat. It was just an all around joyful celebration. I […]

It Feels Different

There was one message that stood out for me at church tonight. There is something about Christmas. It just feels different. Those who have millions, those who have nothing. Soldiers who don’t even have a church to go to. Refugees looking for a place to live. All can feel it. When the Son of God […]