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Finally Seeing Better

My mom has been struggling trying to read her piano music for a long time now. Finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to order her new glasses and were excited to pick them up today. We brought some piano music with us to test them out. She put them on and held […]

Just Grateful

I spent today feeling very grateful for many people and circumstances. My two sisters and brother were here at the house taking care of things while I was away for a few days. One sister stayed the entire time and left this afternoon. I was so grateful for the time that they took to allow […]

Finally Home

I was supposed to fly back home last night. However, I got stuck in the airlines big “computer issues” and I didn’t make it. When I talked to the attendant to rebook she said there was one seat left for flights that she could put me on leaving this morning. I took it. Little did […]

One on One Time

As I spent my last day with my son and his family before I head back home, I thought about how grateful I am. We had much to celebrate and a lot of fun. And I was able to spend one an one time with each of my grandkids. I read, played Barbies, and put […]

Meaningful Message

My sisters called this morning asking about watching Mass on TV with my parents. The church we usually watch was difficult to get connected, so they watched the local parish. Later on family Zoom, my sister told me how much she like the priest and his homily. He talked about some of the traditions of […]

Graduated Grandson

I was so excited to attend my grandson’s high school graduation today. The ceremony was held outside and the weather was perfect as the drizzly rain stopped early. It remained overcast but not too cold and the sun came out towards the end. Last year due to COVID, the school came up with a system […]

More Energy and Laughter

When I was planning my trip to the east coast, I decided I would have to make time to go to the beach. Today wasn’t warm and sunny, but there was nothing planned for the day so it was a good opportunity. My sons, daughter in law, and two grandchildren donned our sweatshirts and headed […]

Energy and Laughter

I am so blessed to have siblings who came to stay at the house for a couple of days so I could take a trip to see my grandchildren. Travelling was somewhat different only in the fact that everyone wore masks. Other than that, the airports and flights were jam packed. I was glad my […]

Friendly Teller

Today we made a trip to the credit union. I don’t even know how long it’s been since last time we were there. My dad made his way in while I was getting my mom out of the car. When we got in, my dad was already at a window being helped. I went to […]

Patient Endurance

I touched base with a friend today who is struggling. I have always admired her patient endurance especially in difficult circumstances. This morning I received a short meditation that was particularly fitting: “The patient and humble endurance of the cross—whatever nature it may be—is the highest work we have to do.”— St. Katharine Drexel I […]