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Photographing Fourteeners

Today my sister told us about a presentation that was going to be online this evening. It highlighted a book that featured the mountains in the state that are over 14,000 feet. The book tells stories about how the peaks got their names and it includes photographs and other artwork. We got online after dinner […]

Bishop’s Ordination

The bishop in our Diocese recently retired. The new bishop was announced a few weeks ago and we learned all about him. He came from a parish in Nebraska and is one of 10 children. He worked as a volunteer for Native American Missions before deciding to become a priest. His ordination was today and […]


I had a good opportunity today to listen to some music, so I put on my Pandora app. I listened to a couple of fun songs, but they were not the contemporary Christian that I was expecting and I wondered how they popped up. Then I realized I was still on the EDM channel that […]

Promised Peace

After our blessed time at church yesterday, we all slept peacefully and even slept in late. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. After breakfast, we decided to get outside before the forecasted rain storms arrived. My sister, parents, and I went to a local park that my parents hadn’t been to for […]

Back to Church Too

For a while now, my parents and I have been talking about getting them back to church. They haven’t attended in person for about a year and a half now. We have been waiting for them to feel comfortable in doing so. It has really been on my dad’s heart recently, and this afternoon was […]

Anselm Adams Exhibit

Today my brother and I took my parents to the local fine arts center. They had a special exhibit of Anselm Adams photographs. He is one of my dad’s favorites. Being a photographer himself, my dad had a great appreciation for the way Anselm Adams was able to capture the contrasts, lights and darks, while […]

New Childhood Story

As many stories as my mom tells about her life, I am still surprised when I hear a new one. Today during the social time after her exercise class, the leader asked what the participants did with their siblings. My mom said they would go to the park on Sundays and that was a really […]

Dad’s Spa Day

My dad has been wanting to get a haircut for quite a while now. We had intended on getting it done a couple of times, but it didn’t work out. However, today was the day. My dad was ready to go and my brother was ready to take him. My dad received the VIP treatment […]

Appreciating My Brother

I am grateful my brother is here for a couple of days. It didn’t take long for us to get back into the routine we established over a year ago when he stayed for a while after my dad’s stroke. We have a good working system where I do most of the cooking and he […]

Vacation at the Farm

My brother came today to stay a few days. Instead of boarding his dog, he brought her over to vacation at my sister’s farm. They texted back and forth during the evening to get the routine down and to just touch base. My brother was sad that there wasn’t a doggie cam so he could […]