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Back to Church Too

For a while now, my parents and I have been talking about getting them back to church. They haven’t attended in person for about a year and a half now. We have been waiting for them to feel comfortable in doing so. It has really been on my dad’s heart recently, and this afternoon was the perfect time. We even arrived at the church early enough to go to Confession. Being all together, worshipping God, receiving the Eucharist used to be a normal weekly occurrence that just happened and I now feel it was taken for granted. It was more than wonderful to be there again after all this time. I could hear the boisterous responses and singing coming from my parents. My sister came too and commented on how good it felt to be back in church. On the way home, my mother said how good it was especially to hear the music in person. After all of going to Confession, participating in Mass, and receiving Holy Communion, all felt right in our world. I am grateful.

I Found God today as my parents made it back to church.

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