Morning Rosary

I have a fairly regular prayer routine. However, to me sometimes that can become monotonous or rote. I recently got the “Hallow” app that has lots of prayer options. So I started this morning with a scriptural rosary. It was led by Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in “The Chosen”. He speaks with a lot […]


I was just perusing my previous blogs this evening. When I started writing, I simply wanted to shed a little light on the love and goodness that God offers every day. What I have received is so much more. I have managed to capture a somewhat decent record of my and my family’s live events. […]

God’s Care

I had a great time at dinner with friends tonight. I told them the story of lunch with my mom and friends yesterday and wondered how long our group would be able to continue our monthly get togethers. This got us talking about our future and what we were planning on doing. I said I […]

Another Strange Mass

There weren’t very many people in the pews when we arrived at Mass this morning. That was strange to begin with. When it was time to start Mass, the music director announced that, unfortunately, there was no priest present to celebrate Mass. A deacon was there, so we went ahead and started with the Liturgy […]

Learning English

Today I had a visit with one of our neighbors. She has a ministry of teaching English in foreign countries. We have heard about some of their trips in the past. She and a team are getting ready for another trip at the end of the month. During their time teaching English classes, they also […]

A Different Pentecost

I have been to some amazingly vibrant and exciting Pentecost celebrations and always look forward to today’s solemnity. However, today’s Mass was quite different. The priest started by saying how nice it was to use a microphone, because when he celebrated Mass earlier at a different church, their sound system wasn’t working. It was more […]

I Did It

At Mass 4 years ago, I heard an invitation from the Biblical School to attend an informational meeting. I decided to go. As I was listening to the course outline, my heart was “burning within me”. Even though it was 4 years of classes, I knew it was something I should do. I didn’t know […]

Look To Jesus

Today my sister told me that she had misplaced her keys. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. When she was just about at her wits end, she remembered something she had read earlier – Look to Jesus. She did. The next place she looked, she found the keys. I Found God today helping when […]

New Meaning to Sign of the Cross

Today a friend shared with me what she thinks about when she makes the sign of the cross to pray. When she marks her forehead and then her heart, she thinks about how God came down to us as Jesus. Then, when she marks each shoulder, she remembers that we are then sent out to […]

Beautiful Hope

I received some mail today from my thoughtful cousin. The package included an issue of Strength & Grace Devotional by Guideposts and a copy of Matthew Kelly’s book, “Beautiful Hope”. Matthew Kelly has a way of speaking and writing in a way that is meaningful, relevant, understandable, and simple. I opened the book and started […]