The Billboard

Today at the caregiver’s group I went to, one of the ladies shared her struggles while her husband was in a rehab facility. As she was driving home one afternoon, she was pouring her heart out to God and asking for His help. She was “told” to look up. When she did, she saw a […]

New Our Father

The other night, my Bible class was focused on the Our Father. Much of the time was spent dissecting the prayer. It certainly gave more meaning to the words that I often say without even thinking about them. Just as an example, the words “…Thy will be done…” are saying that even though I have […]

Home Mass

I have been meeting with a great group of people in a “Small Church Community” for a couple of years now. It has been such a blessing. Several months ago, one of the men was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He had surgery that was successful at removing the existing cancer. Once he recovered, he and […]

Anxiety Prayer

Tonight I was talking with some people about how to stay on a good path in life and keep focused on the love, mercy, and grace that God has to offer. Of course the big answer is to pray. God wants good things for us and wants to help us. He is waiting for us […]

Responded to Reminder

At my bible class on Monday, the instructor encouraged us to say the rosary every day. I have been trying to make this happen. But, I didn’t get it done yesterday. I simply forgot. When I went to bed, I apologized to God and said that if he would remind me during the day, I […]

Defending His Faith

In my Bible class, we have been studying how Jesus interacted with different groups of people. He spent a lot of time with those who were in need of healing – both physical and spiritual. Tonight we discussed how we could imitate Jesus in our own lives. One young man talked about how his family […]

Receiving Jesus

Today at Mass, the Gospel reading was of Zacchaeus who was a tax collector and consider quite a sinner in those days. He heard that Jesus was coming to his town and had a burning desire to see him. Since he was small, he couldn’t see above the crowd. So he climbed a tree to […]