Prompted to Pray

My mom’s friend came to visit today, play the piano, and have lunch as they do on Tuesdays. My brother visited my dad this morning, so it was nice to have some normalcy. In our conversations, we talked about how God makes us aware of His Presence in so many circumstances. My mom’s friend receives […]

Don't Hold On

There is a daily reflection that I received a couple of days ago that I have left in my inbox so I can read it over and over again. I need to remember this not just every day, but it seems every second of every minute of every day. “Don’t hold onto anything. There is […]

Spiritual Food Arrived

Yesterday my dad was wondering if the TV in his room had EWTN so he could watch Mass today. I reviewed the list and it did not. However, we do have the capability of recording programs on the system at the house. I found how to work it on my computer pad and recorded today’s […]

Not Alone

Today I finished reading Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ” for my Bible class. It ended predictably with the Ascension. Sheen talked about Christ’s glorified Body that He promised would continue on, which is the Church. Of course, I had heard this before and it had made sense. However, when I read Fulton Sheen’s words of […]

What Is Prayer

After watching the movie yesterday, I spent some time reading the article that was written about Mr. Rogers in Esquire magazine by the real life author, Tom Junod. I also read a recent interview with Tom Junod regarding the movie and his relationship with Fred Rogers. During the interview, the topic of prayer came up. […]

Mr. Rogers

My mom has been wanting to see the new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, and today we were able to make it happen. The movie itself was – in my opinion – very well done. It has been a long time since I have seen such a positive story of loving kindness. Without […]

Spot Disappeared

Tonight I had dinner with friends and was happy to see a mom who has been struggling. She had a large cancer spot removed off the top of her head, then one behind her ear. To top it off, she recently got shingles. After she told me all about it, she said she was thankful […]