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Not So Scary Halloween

When I was living in my old house, Halloween was a pretty busy night. I lived in a good neighborhood that was frequented by many trick-or-treaters. I used to make hot apple cider for the adults as I handed out the candy. Two years ago, a very good friend and I made our trek from […]

Sitting Up Close

Today we went to church in the little old town near the cabin. I love going there. It is a small old church with a small tight knit, yet welcoming community. My mom was unsure about walking in the line to receive Communion, so she talked to the people there before Mass started. They sent […]

Be That Tree

I have been reading scripture about Creation and how wonderfully made our world is. I was happy to actually experience nature today. We made a trip to the cabin in the mountains yesterday to enjoy what could be the last beautiful weather before winter. When we looked at the pictures taken by the game cam, […]

Patience at the Checkout

I try to get to the grocery store during times that are not too busy. However, my latest trip happened about the same time people get out of work and stop at the store on their way home. The check out lanes in the store I go to have what I like to call a […]

Another Amazing Recovery

It has been about 6 weeks now since my mom has come home from her last bout in the hospital and rehab. Since then she has had a nurse, occupational therapy, and physical therapy come to the house to help her continue to gain strength and endurance. When she first came home, we used a […]

Life of Laughter

When I worked for a retail store many, many years ago, we were like a family.¬†As time went on, people went many different directions, but a large number of people stayed in touch. One good friend in particular seems to be connected to just about everyone. She contacted me the other day and told me […]

Back Online

I misplaced my phone the other day. I did everything I knew to do find it with no luck. So, I ended up deactivating it, erasing it, and ordering a new one through the insurance plan. I had to wait a couple of days for it to come in the mail. During that time, I […]

Angel on the Trail

It has been just over a year now since my sister broke her leg. She was a long time in a boot and then therapy to learn to walk on it again. Since then she has been working hard to get back to “normal”. She, my other sister, and I decided to go for a […]

An Old Movie

Today my sister came for a visit. I have been wanting to watch a movie with someone, so we sat down after dinner and flipped through the channels to see if there were any options. An old John Wayne movie was on, so we started watching. We got sucked in and watched the whole thing. […]

Parkinson’s Caregivers

A couple weeks ago, my sister and I went with my mom to a Parkinson’s support group. We all learned so much. At the meeting, a woman who heads the Parkinson’s caregiver group invited me to attend their next session. I was glad to be able to go to the group today. As with the […]