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Kids Are Kids

I was nervous today going into a new group of people beginning a new ministry at the church. Some teens and young adults who are in foster homes met with a group of adults such as myself to make a big spaghetti supper for their families. This was the first time the organization had planned […]

Uplifting Words

I decided to hit the grocery store bright and early this morning to get it accomplished so I could enjoy the beautiful day. The employees at the supermarket are all very friendly and helpful, which makes for a pleasant experience. Once I had unloaded all my items onto the conveyor, the chatting began with the […]

The Shopping Spree

My mom lost a lot of weight when she started getting very ill a couple of years ago. Since then, she has been wearing clothes that are too big, but she hasn’t had the energy or stamina to go clothes shopping. It is just too much to walk around a store, find a style she […]

The Beginning of Virtues

My parents and I were talking this morning as my dad was struggling with his hearing aids. My mom remembered her grandfather who lived with her family for the last few years of his life. He was mostly deaf and did not understand English. So, when someone wanted to make sure he heard them, they […]

Powerful Reminder

I have been participating in a “retreat” held in one of classrooms in the church for the past few weeks. It is a 10-week session called “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” by Fr. Michael Gaitley. It is pretty deep theology, but I love it. Tonight we finished a few minutes early so we could go […]

I Have a Nun

Today I got a call from my son in college. It is always good to hear from him. He is trying to figure out exactly how to schedule his summer and hopefully final year in school while completing his master’s thesis. We went back and forth discussing some different options when he said, “Oh, I […]

God Was Already There

So, I had to make a potentially difficult phone call this afternoon. I thought of it shortly after I woke up and the anxiety set in. I prayed about it and after only a bit I felt that God was already in the situation and not to worry. I thanked God for the insight and […]

Strange Scripture

Today at church, one of the strangest scriptures to me was read. It was the story of God making his covenant with Abram from Gensesis 15. God told him that he would give him as many descendants as the stars, and give him land. Abram asked how he would know that this was true. God […]

A Friend’s Big Birthday

My mom’s close friend had the big 80 birthday today. Her daughters planned a wonderful party for her, so I took my mom. Unfortunately, my dad was a little under the weather and was unable to go. We met up with the group of family and good friends at one of the birthday girl’s favorite restaurants for […]

Here Kitty

Last summer we got my dad a “game cam” for Father’s Day. We thought it would be fun to put it up at their cabin in the mountains to capture animal activity. We were pretty sure that we found bobcat tracks just up the road from the house. It took a few months to figure […]