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Tolkien Poem to Mary

Today a friend shared a poem that JRR Tolkien wrote about the Blessed Virgin Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ. I read it and thought it was beautiful. This evening, my parents and I went to church to celebrate the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. To my surprise, the […]


Yesterday I saw a post from a friend who said she was going to get an activity checked off her bucket list today – skydiving. She’s around 75 years old. I was looking forward to hearing how things went today. This afternoon, there were almost 100 photos and videos that captured the occasion. She didn’t […]

Blue Notes

My mom told a great story this evening that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. When she was in high school, she and 2 of her friends sang as a trio and called themselves the “Blue Notes”. At one point they connected with a band led by “America’s Polka King” Frank Yankovic and made […]

Food Processor

It was a snowy day, so seemed like a good time to try out the new food processor my son got me for Christmas. I had already unboxed it, read all the instructions, run all the parts through the dishwasher, and even watched a couple of videos on how to work it. For lunch, I […]

No Christmas Cards

Over the past couple of days, I have received some hand written notes, letters, and phone calls from friends. It is great to hear from them and catch up on what is going on. But at the same time, I feel somewhat contrite because I never mailed out any Christmas cards. I started to get […]

After Christmas Observations

I took a little walk this afternoon in the brisk air. It was interesting to see what was happening the day after Christmas. There were several people out walking as well. Some were alone, some were with others, some were walking dogs. I noticed the mostly deflated Christmas decorations lying on the ground awaiting another […]

Virtually Together

This Christmas was a little smaller and quieter than those in the past few years. One of my brothers’ was staying in a warmer location and the other one was sick and didn’t come here as he usually does. My nephew and his girlfriend were also unable to be here on this day. So, we […]

Various People

My parents and I went to Christmas Eve Mass at 6:00 pm and one of my sister’s met us there. The family that sat in front of us was too cute. My dad struck up a couple of conversations with the husband who proudly introduced his family and foreign exchange student. They had 5 children, […]

Didn’t Make It

My brother called this morning to say that some of his symptoms acted up and he was feeling pretty bad. Unfortunately, it would not be good for him to travel. So, sadly, he cancelled his flight. We will really miss him for Christmas. But, it seems that once again God knew what He was doing, […]

Not Today

My brother was due to fly in tonight for his Christmas visit. However, he wasn’t feeling great and with my dad not completely well yet, we debated and discussed whether it would be a good idea to come or wait another day or so. He even called the airlines to find out his options. I […]