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Finally Football

My grandson has been a football fanatic for – – well, I guess his whole life. He has followed specific teams, players, and stats. A few years ago, when he was about 12, he set up a family football league. Of course, he is always in the top of the winner’s board. He has always […]

Hurricane Heroes

For days now since the hurricane pummeled Texas, there have been images and stories of heroism. People have come from other states to volunteer their time and skills. Fundraisers are popping up all over the country. Those who have resources are offering them to benefit others. “Regular” people are helping and even saving others. Even […]

Pair of Photographers

A friend of mine, along with her brother and sister, went to Wyoming last week to view the eclipse. A few days later, she shared some amazing pictures that her brother took using his telescope. I thought they were truly spectacular. I showed them to my dad who was equally as impressed and wondered what […]

Book Re-gifted

Today I read a beautiful story from a friend. Her grandparents gave her a book titled, “Dear God Kids – Our Family”, on her 7th birthday. As time went on, the book disappeared, and she thought it was gone forever. That wasn’t the case. Here is her story: “Yesterday for my birthday, I received a […]

Growing Faith

At church today, the priest talked about how faith is – should be – always growing. He talked about how we judge our own faith in different circumstances. Perhaps there are times in our lives when our faith is strong, we feel very connected to God. Then something may happen and we question that relationship. […]

Watching Bats

We made a trip up to the cabin this afternoon and it was beautiful as usual. As the sun disappeared behind the mountain, the few clouds that lingered seemed to be on fire. I put on my sweatshirt, grabbed a chair, and sat out on the deck to watch. The orange sky gradually grew darker […]

Broken Things

This morning when I was out driving, the song, “Broken Things” by Matthew West came on. It is one of my new favorite songs because it is about how God can work through each one of us – regardless of our condition. We only need to allow Him to. I often think of the saints […]