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Back From the Eclipse

After their eclipse adventure, my dad and brother made it home safe and sound tonight. They spent a lot of time driving, but the place where they were able to view the eclipse was perfect and clear. They all had a great time, besides the 90 seconds of totality that they experienced. They were able to stay at a cabin in the mountains that belonged to some of my brothers’ friends who were also there. My dad very much enjoyed the company and talked about the engaging conversation – even with the two children. Evidently, the little girl and my brother’s dog really hit it off. Although the encounter with the other dogs didn’t go so well. Both my brothers and my dad had high-powered cameras pointed to the sky to get that perfect picture. My dad downloaded the 159 pictures he took and we looked at a couple of them. They were awesome. The next project – after getting some much needed rest – will be to pick out the most spectacular and make some prints. I am so happy that they had a wonderful time and traveled safely.

I Found God today as my brothers and dad had a safe and enjoyable trip.

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