Uninhibited Play

It was finally a beautiful warm sunny day. So I packed up lunch and we went to the park. This particular park had an area of fountains and water sprays for the kids to splash around and run through. After we ate our lunch, we took a little stroll through the playground and got in […]

Visiting Nature

Today we decided to go out and enjoy the gorgeous day. We headed to a nature center I had visited last year. We started inside the building that was full of things to see, touch and hear. The tactile exhibits were fun and engaging. From there we followed a short paved trail with signs identifying […]

Sunshine For Us

It was a cloudy, cool day today and thunderstorms were expected this afternoon, but I really wanted to get my parents out for a walk. When my mom awoke from her afternoon nap, it looked like the sun was poking through the clouds. We all got our shoes and jackets on and headed out. The […]

Adventure Among Flowers

Usually on Mother’s Day weekend, my mom and I go to our favorite local garden shop to buy our summer flowers. Today my dad thought he would like to go as well. Luckily my sister was here, so we loaded up 2 parents and 2 walkers and headed out for another adventure. It was a […]

Breath of Fresh Air

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and my sister was here, so I connected with a friend and went for a hike. We hadn’t seen each other in months and were teary eyed when we met up. We held our breath, faced opposite directions, and gave each other a big hug. Luckily we had […]

Season Transition

My dad has a beautiful vantage point of the yard from his spot at the dining room table. During meal times, he reports the happenings from his view. He has been watching the few patches of snow left over from the recent storm, but they are dwindling. Today, we even had a few minutes of […]

Depth Perception

Tonight my prayer group talked about the upcoming Gospel for Sunday which is the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In the story, three of Jesus’ disciples witness Jesus in His glory. Then, they are overshadowed by a cloud – God – who tells them to listen to Jesus. In our discussion, we realized that […]

Peaceful Fresh Snow

After a frigid couple of days, it was wonderful to open the blinds and feel the warmth of the sunshine. Once the temperature increased to 20 degrees, I decided it was time to shovel. When I had my dog, I was used to putting on all my layers and venturing out in the cold, but […]

A Frigid Day

It was a super frigid day today, so we stayed in and took note of anything that was moving outside – 1 person walking very quickly, 1 other person walking their dog, a crazy squirrel that would jump straight up in the air after being on the ground for a few seconds, a couple of […]

Wind Warrior

It was pretty windy outside today as the weather is changing. My parents and I did make it out for short walk. It was nice to feel the sun and warmish air. I figured it was good to awaken our senses. I don’t particularly like wind and remembered a time when I was a child […]