Between the Storms

After spending a couple of days in the serenity of the mountains at the cabin, it was time to head home. We didn’t get out early and when we were ready to start packing the car, it started raining. And lightning and thundering and pouring for a long time. Finally there was a lull in […]

Relaxing Fourth

Today was pretty relaxing – not like the way I would celebrate the Fourth of July years ago. My sister and I cooked and went for a walk and took some pictures. My parents read and did some projects. We all watched the rain showers for a while and napped. Later we listened to the […]

Fresh Air

It was just a gorgeous day today. I took advantage of the weather and sat outside for quite a while to read the book of Ephesians for my Bible class. I enjoyed the time, the words of comfort and wisdom, and the fresh air. I Found God today enjoying the fresh air.

No Shoveling

We had a beautiful snow storm here that started overnight last night. According to the forecasts, it should have stopped snowing early this afternoon. We had at least 8″ of snow stacked up on the porch railing. In the housing complex, there is a contract to have the snow shoveled off the sidewalks and in […]

Project Day

It was a snowy day today, so we stayed inside all day. It was a good day to get some projects done. I had specific cleaning I was able to get done in the kitchen. My dad worked on getting copies of some old photos with my mom’s help. My brother continued cleaning up the […]

Apollo 11 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission when the first men walked on the moon. It is also my grandson’s 12th birthday. We decided to celebrate both. My mom thought it was a good idea to visit our local Space Discover Center to find space things to send my grandson. We went […]

Reading Outside

It was super hot today, so we spent most of the day in the air conditioned house. I went outside every now and again just to test it, but didn’t stay out long. Usually on a hot day, we would be able to go downstairs and watch TV, but the TV quit working a couple […]

Prayer on the News

My mom makes a point to listen to the local news station first thing in the morning. This morning the meteorologist was talking about the warnings and risks for the communities that will be affected by the latest tropical storm. He said to make sure to keep those people in your prayers. That comment really […]

Sun Came Back

Today was the opposite of stay-in day. When I drove to the gym this morning, I turned a corner and the sun hit me right in the eyes. It had been a few days since I saw sunshine and it was a shock to my system. At the same time, it warmed my heart. Everyone […]

Stay In Day

Today was another day of cool, damp weather and we had nowhere we needed to go. My mom and I were able to get outside for a short walk and breathed in the brisk air. Other than that, I stayed inside in my comfy sweat pants. I cooked some, cleaned some, got caught up on […]