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Uneventful Halloween

It was a creepy looking Halloween morning, but the sun came out a few hours later. There aren’t usually any kids who come trick or treating in my parents complex, so we counted on a calm evening. My dad and I finished putting together the exercise bike and we all tried it out. It works […]

Project in the Making

My parents’ exercise bike has been broken for a while and they were debating on what to do with it. Last week we decided to buy a new one. After my mom’s exercise class, we went to the store and she tried them all out until she found the one that would work the best. […]

Blessed by People

This evening I went to another party – 2 in 1 weekend. Today’s was a soup tasting party with the group from the pool exercise class that I attend. When I started going to the class a couple of months ago, I never would have guessed it would be such a social group. One of […]

Grown Kids

Tonight I went to a party with some of my friends that I knew from 25 years ago. I especially enjoyed getting to see and talk with some of their kids that I haven’t seen in about that long. Of course, they are no longer kids and some have kids of their own. But it […]

Successful Surgery

A woman I know fell and broke her arm a few weeks ago. The doctors decided that her whole shoulder needed to be replaced. She had been on my mind and in my prayers. I found out today that she had the surgery and it went better than expected. That was very good news. I […]

Respectful Grocer

Today as I was having my food rung up at the grocery store, I was watching an elderly gentleman in the adjacent lane. He had a Veteran’s ball cap on. The two young men who were helping him were chatting with him and very patient as he dug for his change. When he was finished, […]

Enjoying Projects

My sister is very creative and has made several beautiful scrapbooks. She has helped my mom complete her family history book and is now helping my dad put together some of his treasured memories. A couple of weeks ago, they completed a page honoring my grandfather and nephew who trained in the same Navy base […]

Holds Me to Task

Today one of those reminders popped up on my computer that shows what you did so many years ago. It was the blog post I wrote 4 years ago on my son’s birthday. I loved it – it brought back memories and at the same time I realized how some things don’t change. Among other […]

Love Yourself

Tonight I met with a “Small Church Community” that I connected with a few months ago. I really enjoy being with them and discussing faith. Tonight we talked about the scripture when Jesus announces the two greatest commandments – to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind; and to love your neighbor as […]

What Belongs to God

Today, the Gospel reading at church included Jesus’ famous response, “… repay (render) to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” I thought the priest gave a great interpretation of the message. Perhaps I had heard it before, but it really struck me. The coin that was used to pay the Roman […]