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More to Learn

After my mom played the piano today, my dad encouraged her and told her how much he loved to hear her picking up and working through a new piece. My mom took a few minutes and reminisced about her last piano teacher. She started lessons with her after playing for about 40 years. Yet, she […]

Discovering Relatives

Today was the last day of my dad’s cousin’s visit. His wife had made contact with another woman on the ancestry website who was also working on the family genealogy. She gave her a call and introduced her to my dad. The woman started right in talking about her history. It turns out that she […]

Humbled By His Faithfulness

We had another wonderful day visiting with my dad’s cousin and his wife today. It had been over 20 years since I had seen them, so along with talking ancestry, we got caught up on life events. As I shared stories of my past several years, I realized – again – how God has led […]

Day of Ancestry

My dad has a cousin who has visited with his family several times some years back. They have continued to stay in touch and share stories and pictures of the family history. My dad and sister have been working hard on putting together an album that tells the story of their heritage. My dad’s cousin […]

No Mistakes

At church this morning, the priest gave us several examples of people who were trying to make a specific product, but made a “mistake” and ended up making something very different, by very wonderful. I thought of my sister’s coffee toffee. She started with a certain recipe, read the measurements incorrectly for some of the […]

People Helping People

We had a family get together today. As my sister and brother-in-law were on their way over, they came upon a woman who was sitting in her broken down car on a very busy road. They pulled over to lend a hand to the woman who was alone and on her phone trying to figure […]

Planting Seedlings

A couple of months ago, I received some free packets of flower seeds in the mail and at a caregivers event that I attended. I planted them in tiny pods a few weeks ago, hoping to eventually put them in the big pots at the front porch. I have been taking meticulous care of them […]

Appendix Out

My son who lives out east called me early this morning, which is unusual – especially during the work week. He told me that he had been having severe pains in his abdomen. He said he was pretty sure it was appendicitis. He went to the local emergicare and had a catscan that confirmed his […]

Are You My Mother

My favorite book when I was a child was the Dr. Seuss story, “Are You My Mother?” even though I remember being afraid and wondering if the baby bird was ever going to see his mother again. I’m sure I had it memorized at one time and loved reading it to my own kids. My […]

Reflective Coloring

A while ago, a friend gave me a coloring book that includes scripture and a place to journal. I got it out today for a few minutes. When I opened the page, the scripture was, “In your presence is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11. Perfect. I colored the flowers on one side and reflected on […]