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Planting Seedlings

A couple of months ago, I received some free packets of flower seeds in the mail and at a caregivers event that I attended. I planted them in tiny pods a few weeks ago, hoping to eventually put them in the big pots at the front porch. I have been taking meticulous care of them and started taking them outside during the day to get some real sunshine. They have been growing pretty well. Summer seems to now be upon us and there doesn’t seem to be a threat of freezing or snow, so today I decided to plant them outside. There were plenty of little seedlings to fill the 2 big pots. I even had enough to make another little pot for my mom’s special place outside. They looked big in their little pods, but now looked tiny in the big pots. I watered them generously and fertilized them with my mom’s direction. I checked on them this evening and most of them look like they’re still in shock. I hope they grow into beautiful flowers. Even if they don’t, I have enjoyed watching them sprout and managing to get them to this point. There is something soothing about taking care of them and planting them.

I Found God today planting my own grown seedlings.

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