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People Helping People

We had a family get together today. As my sister and brother-in-law were on their way over, they came upon a woman who was sitting in her broken down car on a very busy road. They pulled over to lend a hand to the woman who was alone and on her phone trying to figure out what to do. My sister expressed her frustration with everyone who saw that there was a problem and were just wanting to get around her without being helpful. My brother-in-law was planning on trying to get the car out of the road, but knew he wouldn’t be able to move it up the hill on his own. Just as he was pondering the situation, 2 “muscle men” pulled into the nearby gym parking lot and came over to offer their assistance. Together, the 3 of them were able to get the car off the busy street. The “muscle men” helped my brother-in-law, who was helping the woman. They in effect benefited everyone else who was driving on the road who were completely unaware that anyone had done anything at all.

I Found God today in people helping people.

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