The Swimsuit

I have been going to an aqua aerobics class at the YMCA pretty regularly for a while now. I also have been going through swimsuits way too fast. A couple months ago I had to buy another new one and I decided to splurge on a Speedo, hoping it would have a long life. The […]

Miniature Problems

Tonight on the news I saw a story about some veterans who were able to take a ride in an old World War 1 airplane. They were all in their 80’s. In the interview, one woman who actually piloted the same kind of airplane commented how different things are when you’re high above the city. […]

Love Sisters

My mom’s sister lives very far away. With the difficulty they have hearing combined with the time change from here to there, it is always a challenge for them to talk on the phone. But, the other day my aunt sent some photos of her and her first great-grandchild, so my mom was determined to […]

Facing Temptation

This morning I read the meditation from Dynamic Catholic, “Temptations will be with us for our entire life. However, their presence or absence is no indication of personal holiness; how we deal with them is.” Richard J Hauser, SJ.┬áThis quote really struck me on a couple different levels. First is the reminder that regardless of […]

The Old Sewing Machine

The other day, my mom and dad spent quite some time getting my mom’s old sewing machine back up and running. My mother used to be quite the seamstress. She made all of our clothes when we were kids and made her’s as well. She even took new classes when they were available. The old […]

Bits of Calm

My dad was scheduled to have a procedure done this morning. However, he was feeling pretty bad yesterday and we ended up in the Emergency Room. They ran several tests and he was admitted for observation. The plan was to still have the procedure done today. I arrived early to the hospital while my sister […]

Intervening Couple

The Parkinson’s Caregiver Support Group is made up of wonderful people who do their best to take care of their loved ones. Most everyone can relate to the stories that are told around the table. Today a woman talked about when she and her husband went out for their usual walk. She was not quite […]