91 Year Check Up

My dad turned 91 years old today. It was a joyful morning as he opened lovely greeting cards. Unfortunately, right before lunch he had a weird episode where he was seeing everything double. This combined with the super dizzy episode he had a couple days ago had us very concerned. So I called his PCP. […]

Broken Garage Door

The garage door has been making too much noise opening and closing, so we called the company. The serviceman came out today. He showed us how the door had actually ripped away from the bracket holding it to the motor. Then, when the serviceman manually unhooked the motor, we discovered that the spring was broken […]

Prayer During a Scary Situation

I woke with a start this morning, found my rosary and started praying. A few minutes after I finished, my phone rang. It was my older son. I knew right away there was something wrong. He told me he was in an ambulance going to the hospital and that he had totalled his car. He […]

Online Class Struggles

Tonight when I connected online with my Bible class teacher, I noticed that the color was off from previous classes. Everything had a yellowish, greenish tint to it. She asked if everyone could see her and hear her. She explained that her computer crashed and she was working with a loaner. When she saw more […]

Computer Guys

Last week some time, my dad started having trouble getting into his email inbox on his big computer which is named the “Big Mac”. I don’t use Apple products and was of no help at all, though I tried to troubleshoot with the little knowledge I have. Both brothers are out of state, but one […]

Nurse Advocate

My parents had an appointment with their favorite cardiologist today. I made sure we had everything we needed and headed to the downtown hospital. We debated whether to have the valet park the car and decided we didn’t want someone else in the vehicle. The plan was to drop my parents at the front door, […]

Wind-Scarred Pears

We got our monthly subscription of Harry & David fruit today that my brother sent to my mom. It was wonderful box of pears. They are usually beautiful in appearance, but these had some black scratchy marks on them. My dad found a note that was included. He, my mom, and I got all choked […]

God’s Interruption

When we went to the cabin recently, we had planned on staying until Sunday. However, my mom had a very hard time sleeping, which meant that none of us got very good sleep for a couple of days. By the time Saturday afternoon came around, we decided it would be best to just head back […]

Beatitudes Now

Today’s Gospel reading is the infamous Sermon on the Mount. As I read the words, I couldn’t help but notice how relevant they are in light of the recent protests. Now, I am not talking about the riots, vandalism, or looting, but of those standing up for what is true, good, right, just, and humane. […]

Back to Bartering

The other day I ordered groceries and went to pick them up in lieu of shopping in a crowded store, likely with people not respecting boundaries – particularly in preparation for the long weekend. I had planned on trying a new recipe for a cauliflower salad. However, in my groceries, there were 2 ingredients omitted […]