Burden Barrier

My mom read today’s excerpt from our “Jesus Calling” book. It said in part, “Refresh yourself in the Peace of My Presence. This Peace can be your portion at all times and in all circumstances. Learn to hide in the secret of My Presence…” It talked about not being weighed down with problems and I […]

COVID Christmas

Mom and I were blessed today despite it being a COVID Christmas. We are incredibly grateful that Mom still has pretty mild symptoms. This morning I got out the Christmas tablecloth and put away the Advent wreath to mark the change of atmosphere. We Zoomed with family and opened a couple of presents that made […]

One of the Good Ones

I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me a story about her husband. He had a very rough drive home the other day with road closures and detours. Just when he thought he was in the clear, he ran over an obstacle in the road that he couldn’t avoid. There was a loud […]

Safe Communities

Tonight my mom and I watched the Mass of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception at the parish I used to work for. The pastor started by saying that this afternoon, the police received an emergency call that there was an active shooter at the school on campus. It is hard to even imagine this […]

One Good Turn

I rarely go to the grocery on a Sunday night, but I did today. The place looked like a whirlwind went through it and there were many empty shelves. I went down one aisle and spied a woman climbing on the lower shelf to reach a large bag of Halloween candy pushed all the way […]

Turning Around

My mom has enjoyed her home therapists and enjoyed the family time we have had. She has been feeling much better than she has recently. I think she has turned the corner on this latest bout. My son came over for a while this afternoon and we chatted. He is loving his new job. And […]

Hero of the Day

This morning when I got my mom’s hearing aid out of the charger, I noticed that the dome – the rubber tip that goes into her ear – was missing. I looked around for a bit and didn’t find it, so didn’t worry too much about it. By this afternoon, mom was struggling even more […]

Beating the Devil’s Tactics

I seem to get more notifications on my phone than I know what to do with. I usually go through them a couple times a day and delete, delete, delete. As I was swiping them away this evening, I stopped and watched a video that caught my eye called, “How to Beat the 3 Tactics […]

Computer Fixer

My mom’s friend got a new computer a while ago and had not been able to figure out where all her files were, or how to get them transferred from the old computer. Today my brother went to her house and got it all fixed up for her. She found some files that she thought […]

Nick of Time

The dentist office is one of my least favorite places to go. Ever. Without elaborating, I had an appointment this morning. I prayed before and during the procedure that all would go well. I left feeling ok. However, things didn’t go as they were supposed to, so I dropped back in. I got there just […]